a headlamp for your lid, armor…whatevs

Princeton Tec has expanded their Modular Personal Lighting System (MPLS) lineup with the Vizz Tactical headlamp. 

The MPLS has four different colors of LED for those who require something other than white light to accomplish a task. Red, blue, green, and IR are all available in one package, and all are programmable to set the user’s preferred order of illumination. Each distinct beam profile and corresponding customization is easily accessed via a large, easily located button situated on top of the light. Press, hold, or double press: one of ’em will get it done.

For ye olde white light the Vizz MPLS Tactical produces a dimmable 420-lumen white spot (making it the brightest light in the series) and also features a 50-lumen white flood for close-up tasks (also dimmable). 

When not in use the Vizz Tactical – MPLS can be locked to prevent accidental turn on to prevent the 3AAA batteries from becoming drained. As with all of PTEC Professional Series headlamps, the Vizz Tactical – MPLS is waterproof (IPX7) and is equipped with regulated circuitry making it lithium battery compatible.

That’s a good feature to have whether you’re mounting the light on a tactical helmet, keeping it in your hunting gear, or throwing it in your range bag. 


Princeton Tec says, 

“Durable body construction and an IPX7 waterproof rating round the Vizz Tactical-MPLS out for a top-of-the-line choice in tactical lighting equipped to endure your next mission.”


  • Dimmable spot beam
  • Order programmable additional color modes: red, blue, green, and IR
  • Waterproof

Includes MPLS Headlamp mounts:

  • NVG Adapter Plate
  • Bracket mount for MOLLE and/or standard nylon headstrap
  • Standard nylon headstrap


Headlamp Specs:

Power                       420 Lumens

Lamp                         1 Maxbright LED

                                    1 Red Ultrabright LED

                                    1 Blue Ultrabright LED

                                    1 Green Ultrabright LED

                                    1 IR Ultranight LED

Burn Time                110 Hours

Batteries                  3AAA (Included) / Lithium Compatible

Weight                      3.20z / 92g

Waterproof             IPX7 (1 Meter)

Princeton Tec Vizz MPLS