Aero Precision Lahar 30: Versatile Suppression

Suppressors aren’t just for the movies anymore, they’re smart additions to any gun owner’s collection. Using a suppressed gun protects your hearing and the hearing of those around you, and if you’re a hunter, it helps preserve the area by limiting noise. Aero Precision’s Lahar 30 line of suppressors does all that, plus it has a variety of mounting options and lengths. Interested in learning more? Read on.

The Lahar 30 line of suppressors from Aero Precision has three possible configurations. (Photo credit: Aero Precision)

Aero Precision lists a trio of options in their Lahar 30 line: The standard Lahar 30, the Lahar 30L (Long), and the Lahar 30K (Kurtz). Each model features a different length and number of baffles, so the user can choose specifically what they want based on their own needs. Baffles per model are:

  • Standard Lahar 30 has six baffles
  • Lahar 30L has nine baffles
  • Lahar 30K has four baffles

Having the option of fewer stacked baffles gives shooters the ability to create an easier-to-maneuver platform while also reducing overall weight. Sometimes, those extra ounces matter quite a bit.

Lahar 30L without the black finish
A look at the Lahar 30L without the black finish so you can get a closer look at the general design. (Photo credit: Aero Precision)

As its name suggests, these are .30-caliber suppressors. However, they’re not dedicated platforms but, instead, can be used on calibers smaller than 30 as well. Aero makes this easier by offering a  ½ x 28 tpi thread pitch for guns chambered in 223 Rem/5.56 NATO. For .30-caliber rifles there’s a ⅝ x 24 tpi. According to the manufacturer, there are options for both a direct thread and a QD attachment. The fact that these cans don’t have only proprietary means of mounting them to the guns is a big plus.

display of aero precision suppressors
A display of all three suppressor configurations. (Photo credit: Aero Precision)

Aero Precision manufactures the body of the suppressors using a blend of 17-4 stainless and Inconel alloys. The former is martensitic precipitation hardened while the latter is especially oxidation and corrosion-resistant, meaning the combination of the two delivers a rugged, long-lasting product. Attention to detail and a dedication to high quality go into these cans, and the user reaps the benefit with a reliable, solidly performing suppression system.

Man shooting Lahar 30 suppressor on rifle at range
The Lahar 30 line is great for a wide range of uses, from range time to tactical use to hunting applications. (Photo credit: Aero Precision)

Features include being full-auto rated and also rated for up to 300 Win Mag. Whatever rifle you’re looking to suppress, there’s probably a Lahar can for it. Being able to suppress your gun is worth the wait for the paperwork and stamp. After all, a high number of dedicated shooters have some level of hearing loss, so why not protect your own hearing with more than ear pro? Good suppressors such as these do a stellar job of dropping the decibel level to a far safer level, giving you the option to forego ear pro or wear it anyway for even more protection.

MSRP for the Lahar 30 line starts at $649.00.

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