Aguila Ammunition 9mm: Made for Defense

Choosing ammunition for use in your carry gun is an important part of your self-defense plan. That means selecting the correct ammo for the job, so it needs to be specifically designed for defensive purposes. After all, not all ammo is created equally. Aguila Ammunition’s 9mm 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) is a good example of a round made by the manufacturer with self-defense in mind.

Aguila Ammunition’s 9mm 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point is made for defensive use. (Photo credit: Aguila Ammunition)

Aguila Ammunition provides details of their defensive 9mm load:

Aguila Ammunition has introduced the newest addition to the centerfire line; the 9mm, 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). This new round is perfect for those who are seeking accurate ammunition for defense purposes. With its velocity of 1,150FPS and flawless functionality, this new option from Aguila will exceed the performance standards.

Reliability, versatility and accuracy of the new Aguila 9mm JHP, was proven through testing a wide variety of firearms, from micro compacts to full-size. The new addition to the product line will be offered in 50 rd. boxes or bulk 500 rds. in a case.

aguila 9mm cartridge
Aguila designed their 9mm JHP with concealed carriers in mind. (Photo credit: Aguila Ammunition)

The ammo maker goes on to say:

Self-defense is the best offense. Born from years of Aguila engineering and countless terminal ballistic tests, this defense and tactical round consistently hits dead center and cycles flawlessly.

Your chosen defensive ammunition needs to cycle reliably and perform consistently. That means it must be well-made and produced with an expanding bullet. The Jacketed Hollow Point is a proven bullet nose type created to expand on impact, creating a substantial wound cavity while simultaneously slowing down to prevent over-penetration. After all, you’re not only defending your life, you want to take care not to wound innocent bystanders. You are responsible for every shot fired, and that’s why you want to spend time training and choose the best possible ammunition for your needs.

Aguila FMJ 9mm target ammo
Aguila also manufactures target ammo in the same grain as their JHPs. (Photo credit: Aguila Ammunition)

According to the manufacturer, ballistics for the 9mm 124 grain JHP load are:

  • Muzzle velocity is 1130 feet per second
  • Muzzle energy is 386 foot-pounds

For comparison, the company’s FMJ load in the same grain weight lists the following ballistics:

  • Muzzle velocity is 1115 feet per second
  • Muzzle energy is 342 foot-pounds
Jacketed Hollow Points
Jacketed Hollow Points are a solid choice for defensive use. (Photo credit: Aguila Ammunition)

It’s always a wise idea to go to a proven manufacturer for your ammo. Aguila is an ammo company that’s been around for quite a while and has built a reputation for loading good ammunition. This 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition is made to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your daily carry gun or home defense gun is loaded with ammo that works.

Take the time to practice with your defensive ammo. This gives you the opportunity both to ensure the ammo is a good choice for your specific gun and to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. Check out Aguila’s 9mm 124 grain JHPs, and while you’re at it, take a look at the entire line.

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