Ammo, Inc. Green Streak Rounds — Green Trajectories, Anyone?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see where the bullet travels when you fire your gun? If you’re thinking that’s only possible if you’re using the rather incendiary tracer round, you’d be wrong. Streak Ammunition from Ammo, Inc., is designed to let shooters see the path their bullets take without the flammable risk of tracers. It’s offered in green as well as red, with green being preferable for many shooters depending on their vision and daylight needs.

Streak Ammunition lets shooters see the trajectory of their bullets without the fire hazard aspect of tracers. (Photo credit: Ammo, Inc.)

Ammo Inc’s Chairman & CEO Fred Wagenhals had the following to say about Green Streak:

Building upon the great success we have had with our Red Streak ammunition in the marketplace, our team has worked to expand our patent on the cutting-edge application process we utilize to apply the patented product to the round, resulting in the grant 18 months ago of additional patent protection. “At the same time, our engineering team has been working to develop this Green version of our O.W.L. Technology to offer the Streak rounds in that color variant because green is a top visibility color for the naked human eye. Based upon their hard work, we are excited to roll this color-enhanced product out to the commercial, military and law enforcement markets.

graphic introducing green streak ammunition from Ammo Inc. and Streak Visual Ammunition
Streak Ammunition in green can be easier for some shooters to see than red, especially in daylight. (Photo credit: Ammo, Inc.)

Features of Streak Ammunition

Exclusive Patented Technology

  • Unique patented STREAK technology features a luminescent dot on the rear of the bullet. When fired, the muzzle flash illuminates this dot, providing the user with a tracer-like glowing bullet path,

Nonincendiary Projectiles

  • Unlike traditional tracer ammunition, STREAK does not generate heat. This removes the fire risks associated with shooting tracer ammunition. STREAK ammunition is safe for indoor and outdoor shooting environments.

Safe for Range Use

  • Since STREAK technology is nonincendiary, shooting it indoors or outdoors provides no greater risk to the shooting range over shooting any other type of projectile.

Improve Your Accuracy

  • Get immediate feedback on your shot and make corrections. From a training tool to real world self-defense, STREAK technology can improve your accuracy.

Check out this video about the ammunition and how it can help:


Streak Ammunition is offered in a variety of calibers including:

  • 380 ACP
  • 38 Special
  • 45 Colt
  • 45 ACP
  • 44 Special
  • 44 Magnum
  • 9mm

MSRP for the ammunition varies by caliber.

Streak Ammunition in red
Streak Ammunition isn’t only offered in green, it’s also available in red. (Photo credit: Ammo, Inc.)

Would you use this type of streaking, color-trailing ammunition for training? It certainly has pros to back its use, such as the fact it might make it easier to make adjustments as you shoot. Then there’s the fun factor, because who doesn’t want ammo that cuts a bright green path? For a long time, tracer rounds were the only option when it came to creating a visual path for bullets, but now there’s Streak Ammuntion.

Have you tried Streak Ammunition? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.