AmmoLand TV Review of Walther PPQ Q4

In a gun world that seems to be overflowing with polymer pistols, it’s nice to see a steel-framed model hit the market. When that steel pistol comes from a respected brand like Walther Arms, it’s even better. In this video review, the guys at AmmoLand TV go through a 1,000-round test of the Walther PPQ Q4 Steel-Frame pistol covering pros, cons, and everything in between.

Jim Grant of AmmoLand TV gives a hands-on video review of the Walther PPQ Q4 Steel-Framed pistol. (Photo credit: AmmoLand TV)

So, how does the steel frame change things?

Grant has this to say regarding the heft of this gun (being steel-framed tends to add on the ounces, after all):

“Speaking of which, there is…no felt recoil and very little muzzle rise with the Walther. Now, this is no doubt in…part [due] to the weapon’s very heavy 40 ounce, overall, unloaded weight. You did not hear that incorrectly. Yes, it weighs more than a full-size CZ SP01. But, just like the CZ, has almost no felt recoil as a result of a very clean action combined with its hefty weight. And although it sounds a little crazy, the combination of all that weight and the 9mm round’s already pretty negligible recoil impulse, [but] the gun feels like shooting a full-size 22 when you’re shooting full-powered 9 through it.”

Review: shooting the Walther PPQ Q4
Although the Walther PPQ Q4 is a heavy pistol, it has a lot of great features to back it, not to mention a stellar performance. (Photo credit: AmmoLand TV)

He goes on to admit it is “extremely heavy” but that Walther is still marketing it as a concealed carry firearm. And here’s the thing: being heavy shouldn’t automatically make a gun seem unsuitable for carry. Many factors must be considered including your wardrobe, daily activities, holster, and gun belt. But when it comes right down to it, most gun owners are capable of carrying larger, heavier guns than they realize. It really is all in the holster and belt combination. If one is of poor quality, it won’t be much help if the other is fantastic. Be sure your holster provides the proper retention, positioning, and comfort — but pair it with a well-made gun belt. This might be a heavier pistol but you can certainly use it as your EDC (EveryDay Carry) if you want.

Walther PPQ Q4 review
The Walther PPQ Q4 Steel-Frame Pistol. (Photo credit: AmmoLand TV)

Check out the video to find out what else Grant had to say about this pistol:

Walther PPQ Q4 Features

Walther summarizes the PPQ Q4 Steel Frame:

“A feat in firearm engineering that simply must be felt to be believed, the Q4 Steel Frame will surpass all expectations with its unrivaled accuracy and performance. Its steel frame – precision machined from solid steel billet – improves ergonomics with a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full length picatinny rail and recessed slide release. The weight distribution of the steel frame drastically reduces recoil to improve shooter performance, ultimately contributing to overall efficiently.”

Walther PPQ Q4 15-round magazine
The pistol has a 15-round capacity. (Photo credit: AmmoLand TV)

The pistol weighs 39.7 ounces empty, and with a 15-round capacity it definitely has some bulk to it when it’s loaded. It’s a semiautomatic chambered in 9mm with a 4.0-inch barrel and testing has shown it to be accurate. With an overall height of 5.4 inches and an overall length of 7.4 inches, it will take extra effort to conceal it, but it’s not impossible.

Is the heavier weight a good thing?

Yes, there are a few reasons that the increased weight can be beneficial, including increased:

  • recoil mitigation
  • accuracy
  • durability

Check out the video above for more details or take a look at Walther’s website here.

Walther PPQ Q4 Specifications

Manufacturer: Walther Arms

Model: PPQ Q4 Steel Frame

Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: 15 rounds

Barrel length: 4.0 inches

Trigger Pull: 5.6 pounds

Overall length: 7.4 inches

Overall Height: 5.4 inches

Width: 1.3 inches

Weight: 39.7 ounces, empty

MSPR: $1499