Beretta 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum

Upland bird hunters require shotguns to be highly maneuverable, comfortable, reliable, and capable of performing at the distances required by the moment. It’s that latter point that takes many models out of the running for hunting purposes, especially if you’re running a sub-gauge. Enter the Beretta 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum, a 28 gauge shotgun made specifically for upland bird hunters that has a 3-inch chamber. This shotgun doesn’t just get the job done, it does it in harder-hitting style.

The Beretta 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum has a 3-inch chamber. (Photo credit: Beretta)

Beretta says the 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum perfectly blends the classic Upland line aesthetic with modern touches. This shotgun is made to look good and perform beyond the hunter’s expectations. From the beautiful wooden stock and forend to the brushed finish and engraving on the receiver, this is a gun made in homage to the legendary shotguns bird hunters have used for decades.

Beretta 28 gauge a400 upland magnum shotgun
A vented rib helps draw the shooter’s eye to the point of aim, increasing accuracy. (Photo credit: Beretta)

The 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum offers a bevy of bird-hunting-friendly features. It has a vented rib which many shotgunners enjoy for its ability to draw the eye to the point of aim to the factory front sight. In addition, this shotgun utilizes Beretta’s Kick Off Plus technology which is designed to reduce felt recoil by up to 50%. That’s an especially important feature when running the bigger two-inch shotshells through this gun. As for that three-inch chamber, it’s excellent for versatility. It allows hunters to use light dove loads or heavier duck waterfowl ammo, depending on the target.

beretta upland shotgun
The shotgun has a brushed nickel-plated receiver and is engraved with an upland scene on one side and the gauge on the other. (Photo credit: Beretta)

Features of the Beretta 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum include:

  • 28 gauge.
  • Three-inch chamber, so hunters can use 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch shotshells.
  • Designed for versatility.
  • Wooden stock and forend for aesthetics and classic appearance.
  • Checkering on stock and forend for a better grip with wet hands.
  • Brushed nickel-plated receiver with engravings of upland birds and the gauge.
  • Kick Off Plus technology reduces felt recoil by as much as 50%, which also decreases muzzle rise.
  • 28-inch barrel for superior ballistics and accuracy.
  • Made to be incredibly well-balanced.
  • Compatible with Beretta’s OptimaChoke HP chokes.
  • Cross-bolt external safety.
  • Vented rib for easier target acquisition and better cooling during live fire.
  • Clean, smooth trigger pull with short re-set.
3 inch 28 gauge ammo
This is the first upland shotgun Beretta has made that’s capable of chambering magnum 28 gauge loads like the pictured 3-inch shotshells. (Photo credit: HeviShot)

This shotgun is designed to be the kind of gun hunters pass down to future generations. And, according to Beretta, it drops birds reliably. What do you think, will this 3-inch chamber sub-gauge be the next addition to your collection?

MSRP for the Beretta 28 Gauge A400 Upland Magnum shotgun is set at $1829.00.