Bergara B-14 Squared Crest: High Performance Hunting

Hunting in the mountains isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only does it involve incredible physical exertion but it puts your rifle through a lot of wear and tear. Not only does your mountain hunting rifle get bumped and banged on trees and rocks but it’s exposed to all manner of elements and potentially drastic temperature changes. Mounting hunting requires a certain type of rifle, and that is something the team at Bergara understands. The Bergara B-14 Squared Crest Rifle is made to accompany hunters on their most strenuous, challenging hunts, and to do it with style.

The Bergara B-14 Squared Crest rifle is made to hold up to the rigors of mountain hunting. (Photo: Bergara)

Bergara states the B-14 Squared Crest rifle is designed to meet the high standards of mountain hunting adventures. This rifle is an ultralight high-performance platform made to meet the needs and demands of dedicated hunters. The B-14 Squared concept is anchored by a 100% carbon fiber monocoque stock, making it both ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. Bergara also included a carbon fiber spine throughout the stock for superior rigidity and strength, all of which lends itself to a stellar performance.

carbon fiber stock
The stock of the B-14 Squared Crest is made using 100% carbon fiber manufactured using CF-RTM technology, which is a state-of-the-art method often used in the automotive and aerospace industries. (Photo: Bergara)

This stock design, combined with the classic, proven B-14 action and barrels, blends the many advantages of the B-14 series into what the gun maker says is something special.

The Crest has a fluted 4140 CrMo steel barrel available in either 20 or 22 inches, depending on the caliber. Available calibers include 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win., and .300 Win Mag. The muzzle is threaded 5/8-24 and topped by a Bergara Omni muzzle brake, but since it’s threaded hunters do have the option of adding a suppressor, should they so desire.

Other features include a 90-degree bolt throw, cone-shaped bolt nose ejector, a sliding extractor, and an AICS compatible detachable magazine. This rifle has a Sniper Grey Cerakote finish which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for blending in to rugged terrain. The standard trigger is an adjustable Bergara Performance Trigger. A two-position safety allows the rifle to be unloaded while in the safe, which is a fantastic safety feature. The rifle’s empty weight is a mere 6.9 pounds. Bergara says this gun is built for accuracy and guarantees sub-MOA precision (you bring the shooting skills).

bergara crest rifle
The rifle is available in a variety of calibers with a barrel length of either 20 or 22 inches. (Photo credit: Bergara)

Features of the Bergara B-14 Squared Crest include:

MSRP for the Bergara B-14 Squared Crest starts at $1999.00.