Bergara Wilderness Ridge Rifle: Pure Performance

Serious outdoorsmen require serious rifles. The guns used while trekking the wilderness must be reliable, durable, and accurate, and it’s helpful if they’re also lightweight. To accomplish these things and more, Bergara created the Wilderness Ridge Carbon rifle. This rifle is made for the outdoors and designed to not only meet but surpass the needs of outdoorsmen everywhere. Chambered in calibers capable of taking a wide range of game, the Bergara Wilderness Ridge Carbon does it all.

The Bergara Wilderness Ridge Carbon rifle is designed to deliver stellar precision in a lighter platform. (Photo credit: Bergara)

According to Bergara, the Wilderness Ridge Carbon was made to embody pure performance with features useful for real-world applications. That includes details like fluted bolts, specialized coatings, and stock options created to stand up to the rugged and unforgiving wilderness. And thanks to the rifle’s finish, it does these things while seamlessly blending into its outdoor surroundings.

Bergara rifle
The gun features a proprietary blend carbon fiber barrel. (Photo credit: Bergara)

The rifle has a No. 6 carbon fiber barrel with 410 stainless that’s equipped with a threaded 5/8-24 Omni muzzle brake. Of course, because it is threaded, it’s also simple to mount a suppressor to it. The barrel is available in either 20, 22, or 24 inches, depending on what caliber the shooter selects. The Ridge Carbon Wilderness boasts a variety of features included to simplify your hunt and make it a success. This includes Bergara’s B-14 action, which has a spring-loaded ejector, side-mounted bolt stop, and a fluted 4140 Chromoly steel one-piece-bolt body. The action itself is finished in a Sniper Gray Cerakote for resistance to wear and to reduce potential glare. This rifle also has a hinged floor plate.

Bergara rifle action
This rifle has a B-14 Action with a Sniper Grey Cerakote finish for advanced protection from the elements. (Photo credit: Bergara)

Other features of the Wilderness Ridge Carbon rifle include a side-mounted bolt stop and 90-degree bolt throw angle, both of which are meant to facilitate smooth cycling and ease of operation. The gun has a two-position safety and the rifle can be unloaded while the safety is engaged. An American-style synthetic stock with a SoftTouch finish provides comfort while shooting and has great aesthetic appeal as well.

The Wilderness Carbon Ridge does have a sub-moa guarantee; you bring the skills, and the gun will do the rest. Bergara produces this rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 308 Win, and 300 Win Mag. It has an empty weight of 6.4 pounds.

Bergara wilderness ridge carbon rifle
The bolt of the rifle is designed for smooth, reliable cycling. (Photo credit: Bergara)

Features of the Bergara Wilderness Ridge Carbon rifle include:

  • Barrel length of 20-, 22-, or 24-inches depending on caliber.
  • Carbon fiber barrel for lighter weight and superior overall performance.
  • Synthetic stock with SoftTouch finish for a more comfortable live fire experience.
  • 90-degree bolt throw angle for easier cycling.
  • Two-position safety.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 308 Win, or 300 Win Mag chambering.
  • Approximate empty weight of 6.4 pounds depending on caliber and barrel length.
  • Sling attachment points come standard, making it easy to add a sling to your rifle.
  • Guaranteed sub-MOA, as long as you bring the shooting skills.
  • Drilled and tapped for easy addition of a scope.

MSRP for the Bergara Wilderness Ridge Carbon rifle starts at $1599 and is dependent on caliber.