Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support

It is not a shoulder stock and it’s not a pistol brace—the Black Collar Arms APS (Adjustable Pistol Support), is a new design of support for the rear of an AR pistol. The first-of-its-kind APS option allows for vertical height adjustments adding to precision firing.

Black Collar Arms has given the market another option for support when it comes to AR Pistols. Its Adjustable Pistol Support is designed as a height-adjustable support for a precision pistol when shooting from a bench, ground, or other surfaces.

The Adjustable Pistol Support from Black Collar Arms supports the rear of a large format pistol when shooting from a bench, the ground, or any other solid surface. Additionally, the APS offers 3 inches of vertical travel for precise point of impact adjustment.

Manufactured from 6061 Aluminum and finished, the APS will only add 7 ounces to the overall weight of the AR pistol. On top of that, the slim profile of just 1.5 inches of the APS will not add extra bulk to the host weapon. The Adjustable Pistol Support has either a Type III Hard Anodized Black or FDE Cerakote finish over the anodizing to match the host weapon with other Cerakote options available upon request.

APS on rifle being shot
The APS from Black Collar is an adjustable rest made from 6061 Aluminum and finished in either Type III Hard Anodized Black or Cerakote FDE to match the host weapon. It gives the shooter approximately an additional three inches of vertical play for precise POI adjustments.

The Adjustable Pistol Support is in a newer category of rear accessories for AR-style pistols and is ideally suited to large, accurate pistols. The first APS model is a clamp-on design that fits any AR-15 style pistol buffer tube (any round tube 1.17 inch to 1.20 inch in diameter) or any adapter designed for a GHW Tailhook MOD 1 pistol brace. It will also accept any Atlas bipod-compatible foot, which is not included in the box from the factory.

APS Features

  • QD sling socket on one side of the clamp
  • Clamps to any round tube 1.17 inch to 1.20 inch in diameter
  • Accepts any Atlas bipod-compatible foot (not included) to match your shooting surface
  • Provides approximately 3 inches of height adjustment to fine-tune point of impact. Rotate the post to raise or lower it
  • For external use only

APS Stats

  • Weight: 7.1 ounces
  • Height: 6.21 inches (top-to-bottom in shortest config)
  • Post Diameter: 1.125 inches
  • Maximum Width: 1.5 inches
  • Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE Cerakote on top of the Hardcoat anodizing (other Cerakote colors/patterns available on request)
  • Made in Texas
  • Patent Pending!

The Black Collar Arms Pistol Support comes in at $149.95 for the Hard Anodized Black and $184.95 for the FDE Cerakote option.

APS on rifle
The first of its kind, the Adjustable Pistol Support has a clamp-on design for pistol buffer tubes or anything that accepts a GHW Tailhook MOD 1, fitting on round tubes in diameter from 1.17 inches to 1.20 inches. It will also accept any Atlas bipod-compatible foot, which is not included. The APS itself is just 1.5″ wide at the most and weighs around 7 ounces making it an easy add-on to the platform.

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