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XTech Tactial MAG47 10-Round AK47 Magazines

Shooters have a myriad of laws to adhere to, and for some, the restriction on magazine capacity is nothing new. XTech Tactical has updated its MAG47 line of magazines to include options for 10-round limiters, which is a great option for those folks that live or travel in states with heavier magazine restriction laws.

XTech Tactical has updated its line of MAG47 magazines to include 10-round variants. These 10-round magazines are compliant in locations where magazine capacity is restricted to 10-rounds but can be modified to full capacity where legal.

Features of the MAG47 magazines include:

  • Stainless Steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs for smoother ammo feeding.
  • Solid steel machined rear lug.
  • Marked as 10rd Magazine for easy identification.
  • Reduced Spring to keep magazine inside capacity / Will not function with blocker removed.
  • Super tough composite construction.
  • Fits most AK47 rifles.
  • Spring anti-bind mechanism for the proper function of the magazine.
  • Stainless steel spring.
  • Quick-release base plate for easy cleaning.
  • 10-round capacity.

The XTech 10-round magazines are available in the MAG47, MAG47mil, and MAG47 Elite versions, with the MAG47 Elite being the 10-round variant of its popular MAG47 30-round magazine. The 10/30 magazines are US-made slab-side rifle magazines that have stainless steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs.

According to the company, the same material used in the magazine construction is the same high-performance material as the MIL which is the strongest US-made AK magazine on the market. Additionally, with the feed lips, the magazine is said to feed the 7.62×39 ammunition flawlessly.

The 10/30 magazines allow the user to convert the magazine to full capacity where the local laws would allow. A Free State Adapter would need to be purchased by the end user to convert the magazine to full capacity. Just removing the block inside the magazine would not work, as the spring is not the correct one for full capacity. The company maintains that all end users need to know all local and state laws to ensure their own compliance.

The XTech MAG47 magazines follow in line with the company’s desire to be the leading innovator in the market and pledges to continue to bring innovative products to its customers. Additionally, to continue to support the fight to maintain, or enhance, firearm ownership rights, the company is donating $2 for every 10/30 magazine sold from their site through the end of 2022 to Gun Owners of America.

The XTech MAG47 10/30 magazine retails for $32.95, with specialty colors available between $57.95 and $62.95.

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Safariland Limited Edition Tiger Stripe Cordura Holsters

Safariland has upped its offerings after listening to its customers with limited edition Tiger Stripe Cordura camo wrapped holsters, specifically the 6345RDS and the 6304RDS holsters.

“We’re going old-school by bringing Safariland fans holsters specifically in Tiger Stripe camo,” said Safariland VP of Marketing & Commercial Sales Tim Drnec. “As the demand for these holsters continues to grow, we’re excited to bring these limited-edition products to market and give our customers what they’re asking for.”

As one of the leaders in tactical and everyday carry options, Safariland is no stranger to the needs of its customer base. The Tiger Striped camo holsters are versatile in fit, and function and are compatible with the popular handguns on the market.

Safariland has two limited edition Tiger Stripe Cordura camo holsters, the 6304RDS (pictured above) and the 6354RDS. Both holsters are specifically designed for handguns with red dot optics and features SafariLaminate to protect the handgun and the optic. [Photo credit: Safariland]

6354RDS Holster features include:

  • ALS (Automatic Locking Systems) secures the weapon once holstered; a simple straight-up draw once the release is deactivated.
  • Open-top design without SLS for quick retrieval of weapon
  • Includes QLS 19 Locking Fork ONLY.
  • For use with red dot optic-equipped weapons.
  • SafariLaminate thermal-molded construction protects handguns and sights.
  • Suede lined to protect the handgun’s finish.
  • Optic Hood Cover (optional).

The Tiger Stripe camo 6354RDS holster comes with the QLS 19 Locking Fork and is specifically designed to fit firearms with red dot sights. The holster also features the ALS, or Automatic Locking System, that secures the weapon when it has been holster and keeps it secure no matter the movement on the holster and can be disengaged with the thumb. The 6354RDS holster boasts Safariland’s SafariLaminate, the thermal-molded construction that protects the handgun, and the sights with a suede lining to protect the gun’s finish.

6304RDS Holster features include:

  • ALS (Automatic Locking Systems) secures the weapon once holstered; a simple straight-up draw once the release is deactivated
  • SLS (Self Locking System) Rotating Hood
  • For use with red dot optic-equipped weapons
  • SafariLaminate thermoformed construction protects handguns and sights
  • Suede lined to protect the handgun’s finish
  • Cordura nylon wrap finish reduces infrared (IR) signature

The 6304RDS holster, also available in the Tiger Stripe Cordura camo, is said to reduce the infrared (IR) signature of the holster and has both the ALS and SLS (Self-Locking System) for firearm security. When the ALS is disengaged with the thumb, the handgun can be drawn straight up, while the SLS has a rotating hood to secure the firearm in the holster. The 6304RDS holster, too, is designed to be used with handguns with red dot optics and has the thermoformed SafariLaminate construction. Inside the holster is a suede lining to protect the handgun’s finish from rub.

The 6354RDS and the 6304RDS Tiger Stripe Cordura camo holsters are limited edition and come with the price tag of $226.75 and $250.75 respectively.

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Reptilia RECC-E Stock: Innovative Ergonomics

The stock you choose to use on your AR-platform gun can make all the difference in comfort and accuracy. And if you’re interested in branching out beyond the old standard stocks, there’s a whole wide world of unique designs. Reptilia’s RECC-E Carbine Stock is a great example of what innovation and knowledge of the platform can do for gun owners. The stock has a well-thought-out ergonomic shape and functional design, plus it looks cool. 

Reptilia’s RECC-E Carbine Stock is designed with a unique ergonomic shape for fantastic overall performance. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

According to the manufacturer, more than two years of development and testing went into the creation of the RECCE-E Stock. It’s made for AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles and designed for superior performance whichever platform you mount it on. Reptilia states this stock was designed at the request of a military end user, meaning it’s made for duty and purpose-driven. Its shape and overall design allow for a constant cheek weld and it features ambidextrous QD sling attachment points, a rubber buttpad, and a modular design that is compatible with all standard AR15 carbine buffer systems.

reptilia stock
The stock is well-balanced and designed for duty use but it’s also fantastic for precision or hunting. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

The RECC-E Stock also works with A5/SR25 carbine buffer systems if the user replaces the receiver extension (buffer tube) and forward portion of the stock. The overall weight of the stock is 12.0 ounces, which includes the proprietary AR15-length receiver extension. This stock is an ideal lightweight solution for the entire range of AR-platform guns from compact to precision and everything in between.

reptilia stock on an AR
The stock is ergonomically designed to offer a constant cheek weld. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

Features of the stock include:

  • Proprietary receiver extension made of 7075-T6 Aluminum with a Type III Milspec Anodized Finish for resistance to wear and tear.
  • The AR-15 platform model weighs 12 ounces and the AR-10 platform model weighs 12.7 ounces; Both versions are super lightweight and won’t add unnecessary bulk to the overall size of the gun.
  • The length of pull is adjustable between 10.8 inches and 14.2 inches.
  • Available in black or flat dark earth
  • Other materials used in production include Impact Modified Glass-Filled Nylon Polymer, 7075 Type III anodized aluminum, and nitrided alloy steel hardware. This stock is ruggedly built for serious use.
  • Ships with all necessary mounting hardware to simplify adding it to your rifle.
  • QD sling attachment points are located on either side of the stock, making it possible to place your sling where needed depending on whether you’re right or left-handed.
  • Rubber buttpad improves comfort and helps mitigate felt recoil.

Your choice of stock matters and the awesome thing about that is you can change it. You aren’t stuck with the factory stock, and if you’re a builder, you have a vast array of options to choose from. Check out the Reptilia RECC-E Carbine Stock for your AR. It’s a good way to balance your rifle and create a more portable platform.

What do you prefer, the black or the flat dark earth stock? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

MSRP for the Reptilia RECC-E Carbine Stock is set at $159.95.

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MDT XRS Chassis: Precision Performance

The right chassis on your rifle can make the difference between superior precision and less-than-stellar results. After all, a well-made chassis provides comfort, a user-friendly platform, and stability. MDT understands the importance of your rifle’s chassis, and that’s why they offer their XRS Chassis for the CZ 455. The chassis gives CZ rimfire shooters a solid, high-quality foundation designed to improve results while delivering an ergonomically correct, comfortable system.

The MDT XRS Chassis is designed as a hybrid rifle stock and chassis system for ideal performance. (Photo credit: MDT)

According to the manufacturer, the XRS Chassis is meant for serious shooters looking for the fit and feel of a traditional rifle stock, only with the benefits of a modern precision rifle chassis system. As a hybrid system, the XRS gives them that. This system is constructed from a full-length CNC machined core of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for fantastic durability and resistance to wear.

In addition, the chassis has high-strength textured polymer panels that offer additional protection from the elements. The V-block bedding system is made from aluminum and created to ensure excellent fit and function in a way that maximizes the accuracy of the rifle’s action. The XRS also features a replaceable over-molded and textured grip system, for comfort and performance purposes. Both an angled grip and a vertical grip are included in the box so the shooter can choose what they prefer.

mdt xrs chassis in black
The MDT XRS Chassis is available in black. (Photo credit: MDT)

Features of the chassis system include:

  • M-LOK compatible forend, which makes mounting aftermarket accessories to the gun easier.
  • Height-adjustable cheek rest to customize the stock’s fit for a better cheek weld during live fire.
  • Interchangeable vertical and angled grip panels are included to fit the shape of the grip to the shooter’s hand.
  • Integrated barricade stop to create a more stable platform during precision shooting.
  • The buttstock and forend have sling swivel studs mounted to them, making adding a sling simple.
  • AICS magazine compatible
  • Ambidextrous magazine lever to facilitate operation with either hand.
  • Spacers are included to adjust the length of pull according to the shooter’s needs.
  • QD sling mount located on either side of the buttstock for greater sling attachment point options.
  • Available in either black or flat dark earth.
grip inserts
The chassis system comes with two grip inserts to adjust the angle of the grip to the shooter’s needs. (Photo credit: MDT)

MDT designed this chassis system to be compatible with the CZ 455. It provides a stable, well-made foundation to improve accuracy. You bring the shooting skills, the chassis will help with the rest. The XRS itself weighs in at 3 pounds, 9 ounces, and has a length of pull between 13.25 inches and 15 inches depending on the use of spacers. With a forend length of 12 inches, that puts the overall length of the chassis between 25.25 inches and 27 inches. From its CNC machining to its V-block bedding system, this chassis is built for precision performance.

black chassis system
The chassis has an overall weight of 3 pounds, 9 ounces. (Photo credit: MDT)

What do you think of the XRS? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

MSRP for the MDT XRS Chassis System for the CZ 455 is set at $549.95.

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MGSV: The Phantom Pain — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

Metal Gear Solid is such a weird combination of different awesome things: an insane story, tough guy characters, stealth, action, nukes, and tons of stereotypes mixed with heavy themes of loss, sadness, betrayal, and confusion. But there is always hope for a brighter future.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an absolute masterpiece. Konami, publisher of the video game series, did the world a disservice by effectively killing Metal Gear Solid and focusing on pachinko machines rather than good video games. Metal Gear Solid V, or MGSV, is seemingly the last Metal Gear Solid game we will get from video game designer Hideo Kojima. It’s an interesting game that is an absolute must-play.

Don’t mind the horn, it’s just a bit of shrapnel. (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Stop here if you’ve never played it. Everything after will be spoilers. It’s a great game. The biggest flaw is the last act; It seems rushed, and the missions are repetitive. However, the game is still fantastic.

Breaking MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Admittedly to understand the story and get the full experience, you have to play both Phantom Pain and the Prologue Ground Zeroes. These days the games are often included as the Definitive Experience. However, Phantom Pain is quite short and is a true prologue to a much bigger world.

Phantom Pain takes place eight years after Ground Zeroes. You are Big Boss, aka code name Venom Snake. You wake up in a hospital, and from there, things go off the rails with psychic soldiers, men made of fire, a guy named Skullface, and then your typical soldiers and bad guys.

Metal Gear Solid has always been known for its crazy, off-the-wall storytelling. It’s a mixture of conspiracy theories about who runs the world, giant robots that shoot nukes, oh and casual supernatural events no one ever seems to notice or remark on. It’s just part of this world. The story in MGSV has Snake returning to establish a new mercenary group.

Militia Sans Frontiers was disbanded and destroyed during Ground Zeroes. Your Snake is tasked with establishing a new group from the ground up called Diamond Dogs. (Sidenote Militia Sans Frontiers is a much better name.)

Snake in Metal Gear Solid
Peep the tiger stripe! (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Militia Sans Frontiers was disbanded and destroyed during Ground Zeroes. Your Snake is tasked with establishing a new group from the ground up called Diamond Dogs. (Sidenote Militia Sans Frontiers is a much better name.)

The Gameplay

You have two main maps, one in Angola and one in Afghanistan. Both regions are unturned by war. You are free to explore the maps and do missions and side ops as you see fit. The game does prioritize stealth because you will often be outnumbered and outgunned.

Going in guns blazing is an option, but you better have a plan of attack. You might quickly be overwhelmed by the enemy if you go in half-cocked. Cover is a major element, and the troops will coordinate their attacks and use the tools around them to pursue and kill you, including calling for reinforcements.

Those tools included emplaced machine guns and mortars that will absolutely chew through you. However, you can also turn the tide. The action is satisfying, the guns are punchy, and when you hit the enemy, you know. Enemies get wounded and fall behind cover. Some are down on the ground but may attack you with their handgun.

Going in sneaky is the safe play. MGSV wants to take down your enemies quietly or not at all. You can avoid combat if you choose. You can also play entirely nonlethal with tranquilizer guns and similar tools. Interrogating enemies is a big part of surviving and finding resources because they can reveal the location of resources, specialist soldiers, and the placement of their allies.

Building Diamond Dogs

The game also tasks you with recruiting new friends from your old enemies. The enemies on the battlefield can be tranquilized or stunned and then recruited to Mother Base. You want to recruit high-value soldiers, and they have various stats and skills that you might want to aim for.

Base building isn’t tedious and is more staff management than anything. Even then, the computer handles it well. There are several different specialties like R&D, Intel, and Support you can recruit soldiers to. These affect what items and weapons you can build, what support you can receive, and early warnings about the battlefield.

You use a Fulton device to kidnap the troops, as well as extract vehicles, resources, and even animals. Hunting down soldiers with the right skills and stats is part of the fun, and it’s so satisfying to snatch at A, A++, or S-tier soldiers with the skill you need to develop your next weapon or item.

M60 clone in MGSV
The M60 clone is a great way to shake up the Russians. (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

The World of MGSV

MGSV gives you a very open and wide world to explore that feels somewhat real. There aren’t any civilians in Afghanistan or Africa for some reason, but it still feels alive. The soldiers have posts. They sleep, they talk, and BS between being killed or kidnapped by Snake.

You can intercept their comms and hear their panic as you beat them back or as they search and call for reinforcements. You can kill the guy with the radio and shut down their comms if you want to.

Aiming like this is fairly inaccurate, its only good for super-close ranges. (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

The voice acting in MGSV is fantastic. It’s very well done with a mix of real voice actors like Troy Barker and celebrities like Kiefer Sutherland. The characters are cool and interesting, from the six-gun-slinging Ocelot to Kaz, it’s all interesting. Quiet, who barely speaks, still develops as a character. However, the excuse that she breathes through her skin is a silly way to get undressed for the majority of the game.

The Guns of MGSV

Obviously, we have to talk about the guns! The game has an absolute metric ton of types and variations of the guns you already have. Sadly, they are largely fictional but also believable, if that makes sense. The AK is called the SV-76, and it’s used by the Russians and looks like an AK. There are stand-ins for the M60, the FAL, the Chiappa Rhino, the USP, and many more. They aren’t all 1-for-1 replicas, but it’s easy to see the inspiration. The guns can also be upgraded to different variations, including adding optics. I like a good red dot and magnifier, personally. If you extract the gunsmith, you can do even more customization.

MGSV SMG Glock sights
This SMG def has Glock sights, right? (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Suppressors are in the game, but they degrade quickly. Like a few bursts from an assault rifle, and they are gone. It’s not realistic, but it balances the game. You can and should use iron sights. While the game is third person, you can go to the first person to aim. If you try to shoot in the third person, you’ll miss more than you’ll hit.

It’s BatS&^%

Metal Gear Solid is crazy, with a very complicated story spanning decades of video games. If you’ve never played the MGS games, don’t fret. You’ll still figure out MGSV without issue. You can ignore the story altogether and just enjoy the gameplay. The gunplay is a lot of fun, and so are the stealth elements and the base building. Heck, I spent two hours hunting and tranquilizing sheep and donkeys and found that fun.

It’s sad that we won’t get a proper Metal Gear Solid Six.

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10 Glock Mags That Can Handle Full Auto

Not all magazines are created equal. Likewise, neither is any gun expected to take all magazines. But Glock pistols and Glock magazines are about as universal in design as they come. Even so, straying too far away from the original design intent can cause issues. Design and material deviations can make aftermarket magazines more problematic than what comes from the factory in the box.

For Glock pistols, there are plenty of aftermarket magazines out there—some are good, some are not. And that expands even more when you consider the litany of other handguns and long guns now available that accept Glock magazines. Jeremy puts a new twist on aftermarket and factory magazine comparisons by pairing them with a standard semi-automatic Glock 17 that has been converted to full-auto.

The Test

Going full auto can present a number of problems for some magazines. The slide cycles so rapidly that the spring tension in some magazines might not be strong enough to ensure the next round feeds and chambers. Basically, in full-auto, the gun can outrun the magazine, and aftermarket magazine problems can be amplified. To test out these magazine, Jeremy mag dumps factory and aftermarket magazines, looking for failures.

First, he ran a stock Glock 17 magazine. He ran out of ammo in a hurry but had no issues. Next, he fielded a Sentry Tactical Hexmag and a Magpul PMag. Both are reputable aftermarket seventeen-round options. Both functioned perfectly.

Extended magazines might look goofy, but they are fun to use—and in full auto, you are not out of ammunition quite as fast. Generally, Glock extended magazines hold 30-33 rounds of ammunition instead of seventeen. Some drum magazines hold upwards of fifty rounds.

Jeremy first ran a KCI 33-round magazine. This readily-available Korean-made option induced one malfunction in the Glock 17—a single failure to go into battery.  It soon became a recurring trend that upping the capacity also upped the potential for problems.

ProMag magazines, particularly the extended styles, tend to make me swear when using them. In this test, Jeremy ran their 32-round Glock magazine with one failure to go into battery. Afterward, an SGM 33-round and ETS 31-round magazine were tested as the test pistol became hot to the touch.

The SGM magazine failed to feed twice—one failure to go into battery and one stovepipe. The ETS magazine did the worst of the bunch, with two failures to go into battery and one failure to feed.

Going further up the food chain to drum magazine presents a few pros and cons. On the plus side, you can get even more rounds on board and the added additional weight makes the Glock 17 easier to control under recoil. On the other hand, you have more weight to carry around and more rounds that won’t feed if you get a bad magazine.

Jeremy grabbed a second, cold Glock 17 and shot through 150 rounds from a ProMag, KCI, and MagPul PMag 50-round drum. The ProMag had noticeable excessive play in the magazine well when seated, but it cycled perfectly until it failed to pick up the last round in the magazine. The magazine spring in that particular drum must have compressed enough to prevent that round from being picked up by the slide. The KCI had a single failure to go into battery. The PMag had no issues.

VertX panel with BFG mag pouches and 33-round Glock magazines
VertX panel with BFG mag pouches and 33-round Glock magazines.

The Bottom Line on Glock Mags

Troubleshooting factory and aftermarket magazines for the normal semi-automatics we use is tough. Doing the same for a select-fire or fully automatic firearm can elevate that task. In the case of Glock magazines in a Glock 17 converted to full-auto fire, a few observations are apparent. The closer you stick to factory designs or capacities, the higher reliability you’ll have.

Jeremy had no issues with conventional seventeen-round magazines as well as factory Glock extended 33-round magazines. The other extended and drum magazines simply did not have the spring tension optimized to readily feed rounds at such a rate of fire. In the case of the ProMag drum, the magazine spring did not have enough tension left to allow the slide to feed the last round. Magpul’s drum ran flawlessly—small wonder that Magpul’s products are fast becoming an OEM for some factory-new firearms out there. Jeremy’s test is a one-off but it provides for a fun and useful demonstration of the pitfalls of factory and aftermarket magazines and how the line between the two can blur at times.

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Viridian E-Series Laser: Cowboys and Aliens Wheel Guns

Lasers might seem to be best left to the realm of semi-auto shooters, but they have uses on revolvers, too. Viridian understands this, which is why they offer lasers like the E-Series for the Heritage 22. The fact that there’s no accessory rail is just fine thanks to the company’s trigger-guard-mounted technology. After all, point of aim and point of impact matter on revolvers, too.

The Viridian E-Series laser is model specific, and this one’s made for the Heritage 22 LR revolver. (Photo credit: Viridian)

The E-series line is perhaps Viridian’s most iconic laser sight, and it’s not just for semi-autos. This specific model is designed to fit the Rough Rider revolvers from Heritage. The use of a laser is well worth considering for your daily carry, and according to the manufacturer, this is the most powerful laser legally available on the market. This laser is made to deliver superior precision and fantastic visibility, so shooters can be confident in their aim.

What makes this laser great is the unique design that makes it easily fit onto the revolver’s trigger guard. Viridian created it to hold up to tough conditions and last quite a while, thanks to 6 or more hours of battery life. This model of laser features an ambidextrous on/off switch that also has a 5 min auto shut-off. It can be quickly mounted to the revolver using the tools included in the package. This laser is adjustable for windage and elevation, so the shooter can zero it on target as needed.

22lr revolver
The Heritage 22, which the laser is designed for, is chambered for either 22 LR or 22 Magnum. (Photo credit: Heritage)

As for the gun itself, the Heritage .22 Single-Action Revolver is made with a secure cylinder lock-up and is chambered for either .22LR and .22 Magnum cartridges. It’s a versatile option for plinking or shooting pests and varmints.

This E-series red laser is backed by Viridian’s excellent 7-year warranty. And, of course, it’s custom designed to fit the Heritage .22 Single-Action Revolver.

viridian e-series red laser
The laser can be seen here in contrast to the revolver. It fits over the trigger guard with no need for an accessory rail. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen said, “We’re bringing the thrill of the Heritage .22 to the next level with the Red E SERIES™ laser sight. Combining the old-fashioned feel of a revolver, with the most powerful red laser legally available, is a gamechanger and enhances the user experience. This has been a long time coming, we are proud of just how much fun our accessory adds.”

viridian for semi-auto
The Viridian E-series also has models available for semi-automatic handguns. (Photo credit: Viridian)

In addition to the E-series red laser for the Heritage 22, Viridian makes a number of lasers for semi-automatic handguns. So whether you have a revolver or a semi-auto, there’s a laser in their lineup for you. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by your revolver’s lack of an accessory rail. Get an E-series laser from Viridian that mounts directly to the trigger guard, and up your accuracy game.

MSRP for the Viridian E-Series red laser is set at $99.00.

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Timney Triggers HK MP5 2-Stage Trigger

Just when you thought your HK MP5 couldn’t get any better, Timney Triggers HK MP5 2-stage drop-in trigger enters the room. Ready to go out of the box, without the need to use a gunsmith, the factory-set trigger is a quick way to upgrade the MP5 to the next level of accuracy—the Timney level of accuracy.

With over 70 years of trigger building experience, Timney’s HK MP5 semi-automatic 2-stage replacement trigger has been expertly designed and precision machined from premium materials, according to the company. The 2-stage trigger is composed of a trigger housing made of 6061 T6 aluminum with black anodizing and is built to be weather- and corrosion-resistant. The trigger shoe and disconnector are machined from billet A2 tool steel while the hammer is constructed of S7 tool steel, and both components are heat treated for durability and maximum lubricity.

Timney Triggers, known for its prowess in the market, has a 2-stage drop-in HK MP5 semi-auto trigger grouping.

The Timney HK MP5 2 lb. first stage and 2 lb. second stage straight aluminum blade trigger is hand-assembled, tested, and calibrated before leaving the factory to help ensure accuracy straight out of the box. With special coatings present in the assembly, NP3 for the hammer, and carbo-nitride for the shoe and disconnector, the trigger is said to have an effortlessly smooth feel.

Requiring no gunsmithing for installation, the HK MP5 Semi-Automatic Two-Stage trigger uses the existing rifle ejector lever, ejector spring, and ejector axis pin. The trigger is compatible with the HK 91/93 and 94 type firearms and their clones, SEF/Semi-Auto trigger packs, and corresponding safety selector levers. The trigger is not compatible with the Ambi/Navy/FBI trigger packs, nor the .22 clones since their internal components are different.

Back angle of Timney HK MP5 trigger
Manufactured from various premium materials, the Timney HK MP5 two-stage trigger is easy to install and is a quick way to upgrade the HK MP5 trigger. [Photo credit: Timney Triggers]

As with all Timney products, the HK MP5 Two-Stage Semi-automatic replacement trigger comes with a lifetime warranty and is wholly made in the USA. The HK MP5 two-stage replacement trigger has a retail price tag of $379.99.

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Comfortable Carry for Large Frame Pistol

Galco is expanding the High Ready chest holster system offerings to include options for the Sig P320-XTEN. The High Ready chest holster system is one of Galco’s torso-worn hunting and outdoor holster products.

Galco has expanded its offerings with the High Ready Chest Holster, including an option for the Sig P320-XTEN pistol with or without a red dot attached. [Photo credit: Galco]

According to Galco, the High Ready holster is perfect for carrying a large-frame pistol comfortably, whether you are hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping. The torso-worn holster keeps the pistol positioned away from the waistline and allows the user to carry a rifle on either shoulder without interference. This design comes in handy when it is beneficial when riding a horse or an ATV or having to forge any water, keeping the gun up and away from debris.

Galco attributes the comfort of the High Ready holster to its three major design features. The first feature that lends to comfort is the innovative backing plate that is made from ballistic nylon and Galco’s own Comfort Cloth, which is a mesh that allows for padding and is moisture-wicking.

Key features of the High Ready chest holster include:

  • Hybrid Kydex/nylon construction
  • Ballistic nylon front over closed-cell foam
  • Comfort Cloth lining on the back provides padding and moisture wicking
  • Rigid Kydex holster pocket for a fast draw and easy holstering
  • Chest-style cross-draw carry
  • Comfortable 2″ shoulder and torso straps
  • Three secure metal side-release buckles
  • Fits chests to 58″

The harness construction is the second item that adds to the comfort, with three independent attachment points that allow the holster to pivot maximizing movement. The three secure metal side-release buckles attach the holster to the harness straps at the pivot points. The rigid, open-topped Kydex holster pocket offers full slide coverage and allows for a fast draw and holstering of the carry gun.

Galco High Ready Chest holster on grey
Galco states the High Ready Chest Holster is very comfortable to wear and attributes the comfort to the design including wide straps to distribute the weight of the pistol, the moisture wicking material, and the three pivot and attachment points. [Photo credit: Galco]

The last key feature, according to Galco, that makes the High Ready chest holster so comfortable is the 2” wide tubular webbing harness straps that help distribute the weight of the pistol. The shoulder strap can be placed on either shoulder with the second strap goes around the torso for highly effective weight distribution.

The Galco High Ready chest holster for the Sig P320-XTEN is available in black and has a retail price of $169.

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Streamlight Protac 2.0 Headlamp: Hands Free Lighting

There are countless situations in which you need some light shed on whatever you’re doing but don’t have the free hands to hang onto a flashlight. That’s where headlamps come in, and it’s also where we mention that not all headlamps perform at the same level. The Streamlight Protac 2.0 Headlamp is designed to be reliable and durable for tactical applications but can be used anytime you need some extra light. It’s comfortable to wear, easy to control, and has a long-running battery life. If you need a headlamp, this is one to check out.

The ProTac 2.0 Headlamp is 4.92 inches wide and 2.56 inches deep with a head diameter of 1.46 inches. It weighs 10.48 ounces with the included SL-B50 rechargeable battery. (Photo credit: Streamlight)

Streamlight provides information regarding their Protac 2.0 Headlamp:

…[T]he 2,000-lumen ProTac 2.0 Headlam [is] a high-performance rechargeable headlamp that also offers long run times. The headlamp is powered by the new Streamlight SL-B50 battery pack that charges directly via an integrated USB-C port.

The ProTac 2.0 Headlamp uses the SL-B50 Streamlight proprietary 4,900mAh protected Lithium-Ion USB rechargeable battery, accessed by the light’s sliding sleeve. The battery is keyed to ensure proper alignment of the charging port, and features LED status lights to indicate charging status, including red for charging and green for fully charged. An integrated safety circuit protects the battery from accidental overcharge or discharge.

streamlight headlamp being charged
The headlamp can be charged without disassembling the parts beforehand. (Photo credit: Streamlight)

The manufacturer further explains:

The new light offers the latest LED technology for extreme brightness and provides three operating modes – High, Medium and Low. On High, it delivers 2,000 lumens and 14,500 candela; on the Medium setting, it provides 650 lumens and 4,200 candela and on Low, it offers 110 lumens and 750 candela. Run times range from 25 hours on low to 2.25 hours on high.

The ProTac 2.0 Headlamp features a multi-function, push-button switch which permits one-handed operation of the light’s momentary and constant on modes. Its TEN-TAP programmable switch allows for user selection of three different programs: high/medium/low (factory default); high only; or low/high.

Streamlight Chief Revenue Officer Michael F. Dineen added:

The…headlamp provides super bright light, along with the ease and convenience of recharging the new SL-B50 battery pack either inside or outside of the light via a USB-C charge cord. With 2,000 lumens of brightness and long run times, it’s a great choice for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts and industrial professionals alike.

headlamp on mannequin
The headlamp is adjustable and comfortable to wear. The light features TEN-TAP programming which allows for the selection of 3 different operating programs. (Photo credit: Streamlight)


  • Uses one (1) Streamlight SL-B50 protected Li-Ion USB-rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • Features TEN-TAP programming—Choice of three user-selectable programs:3
    1) high/medium/low  2) high only  3) low/high
    • High: 2,000 lumens; 241 m beam; runs 2.25 hours
    • Medium: 650 lumens; 130 m beam; runs 4.5 hours
    • Low: 110 lumens; 55 m beam; runs 25 hours
  • IP64-rated; dust-tight and water-resistant to 2 meters; 2-meter impact resistance tested
  • 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with Type II MIL-Spec anodized finish
  • 4.92 in (12.5 cm)
  • 10.48 oz (297 g) with one (1) SL-B50 battery
  • Includes USB-C cord and rubber and elastic head straps
  • Available in black
  • Limited lifetime warranty

MSRP for the Streamlight Protac 2.0 Headlamp is set at $195.00.

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