Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies Introduces New Shield Cleaning Kits

Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies makes a number of range rod and pull-through firearm cleaning kits for all manner of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Their kits come ready to tackle most cleaning tasks without any extras from their compact Vision series pistol kits to their universal Ammo Can models.

Last week at SHOT Show 2023, the company unveiled its new Shield series of cleaning kits. These kits feature a soft zippered case and parts tray (for all those detent springs).

The Vision series of kits are handy but sometimes bigger is better.

Otherwise, the Shield kit comes with the usual complement of Breakthrough military-grade solvent and Battle Born oil. The solvent and oil do not smell (someone at home will thank you) and they come ready to use. The kit also comes with an assortment of bronze brushes, cotton mops, and cleaning jags that come standard in most of their cleaning kit models. What you get depends on whether you prefer a pull-through cable or a traditional cleaning rod for cleaning the bore.

The Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies Shield Cable kit can be pistol-caliber specific, three-gun, or a military cleaning kit that comes with an additional bronze bristle brush. The Shield rod kits use a non-marring brass cleaning rod and is either .223/5.56mm or .308/7.62mm caliber, as well as a universal cleaning kit that can be used for most rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

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