Bushnell Match Pro ED: High Performance Optic

The optic you mount on your rifle can make or break it. Using the wrong glass can easily lead to things like not having enough adjustment available when you need it, loss of focus at greater distances, and poor light gathering. That’s where the team at Bushnell comes in with the Match Pro ED 5-30×56, a riflescope designed for excellence. This optic is made for dedicated shooters in need of a professional-quality scope, and according to Bushnell, it delivers.

Bushnell’s Match Pro 5-30×56 riflescope is designed to maximize your rifle’s potential. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

According to Bushnell, this riflescope is the enhanced version of the original Match Pro. The entire scope is optimized to meet the needs of developing and experienced long-range shooters, offering them premium optical performance and a bevy of useful features. The company states this scope can do it all whether it’s used by hardcore rimfire shooters or precision long-range competitors.

This riflescope is built around an ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Prime 56mm objective with EXO Barrier coating so it’s better able to withstand the elements, and also resistant to wear and tear. The glass is designed to deliver every bit of clarity and sharpness possible without sacrificing other details.

bushnell optic
The optic is specifically designed with long-range and precision shooters in mind. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

The magnification ratio has been increased in this ED model to provide versatility. It has a range of 5x to 30x with the main tube diameter increased to 34mm diameter in order to realize a 103 MOA elevation range (which is undeniably impressive). The turrets of the scope now lock, which is vital for its ability to maintain zero even when being bumped and jostled, and the elevation turret has an integral Easy Set zero stop. There’s also a two-stage pop-up rev-indicator. Basically, there are endless features offered, each one offering something practical and useful to the optic.

Bushnell Match Pro ED
The scope has locking turrets and a throw lever with three possible positions. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

Features of the Match Pro ED 5-30×56 include:

  • An expanded magnification range of 5x to 30x for more options while shooting at longer distances.
  • Oversized 56mm objective lens for improved light gathering which is especially helpful in low light.
  • Large eyebox for a quicker sight picture and rapid target acquisition.
  • 34mm tube expands elevation to 30 MRAD of travel and 14.5 MRAD  of windage, helping you shoot better at longer ranges.
  • DM2 reticle that’s a 2/10 MRAD tree reticle.
  • Illumination with 11 brightness settings so the shooter can choose how bright it is based on the current situation.
  • Battery saving feature that automatically shuts illumination off after six hours of run time.
  • Turrets are designed for a positive grip, making them easier to turn even under stress.
  • 15-yard parallax ability to improve rimfire performance.
  • IPX7 Waterproof and fogproof, features that are vital for functioning in the elements.
  • Three-position power change lever that can be in left, right, or neutral positions depending on shooter preference.
  • A 2.5-Inch sunshade with a 64mm outside diameter and forward internal threads is also included.
bushnell match pro ed scope
This is a first focal plane riflescope. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

MSRP for the Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30×56 Riflescope is set at $699.99.