Cadex Defense CDX-SS Seven STARS Covert Rifles

Cadex Defense, a Canadian company known for some of the best long-range rifles, has updated its CDX-R7 CPS rifle platform to a shorter-barreled version named the CDX-SS Seven STARS Covert. The company has a long list of clients including the US Department of Defense, Canadian and French Armed Forces, RCMP, and International Law Enforcement Agencies, with any one of those agencies benefitting from the updated rifle. The updated CDX-SS rifle platform is available in four calibers: .223 Rem, .300 BLK, .308 Win, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Canadian-based Cadex Defense has updated the CDX-R7 CPS rifle into the CDX-SS Seven STARS Covert rifle with a shorter barrel and suppressor option. (Photo: Cadex Defense)

While all rifles are available with a 16.5” barrel, the .223 Rem and .300 BLK rifles are also available with an ultra-short barrel. The shorter rifle features an 11-inch fluted barrel with a Covert Slim titanium suppressor that is small enough to fit inside the M-LOK fore-end. Cadex Defense offers the 16.5” barreled rifle in order to comply with countries that have an overall length minimum requirement of 26 inches.

The M-LOK fore-end tube is shorter than on other Cadex Defense rifles, but the company states that it is a fully functional 19-inch Picatinny top rail for accessories such as optics, lights, and night vision device mounting. The platform comes standard with a folding buttstock of the Strike PRO chassis that lets the shooter quickly adjust the stock without tools. With the folding stock, the rifle has an overall length folded of around 26.8 inches and an overall length of just under 36 inches when the stock isn’t folded.

Color options for CDX-SS Covert
The Cadex Defense CDX-SS Seven STARS Covert rifle comes in a myriad of Cerakote color options, including options for what the company calls Battle Worn Schemes. Shown here in NRA Blue, Sniper Gray, and OD Green. (Photo: Cadex Defense)

The Cadex Defense CDX-SS Seven STARS Covert rifle comes with a 10-round magazine and weighs just under 11.5 pounds. There are plenty of Cerakote color options, including standard colors or what the company calls Hybrid Battle Worn color schemes.

There are no specific details available on projected pricing or the suppressors, but the company’s current catalog shows two different titanium suppressor models, one for the Covert 16.5” and the Covert 11” rifles.