Comfortable Carry for Large Frame Pistol

Galco is expanding the High Ready chest holster system offerings to include options for the Sig P320-XTEN. The High Ready chest holster system is one of Galco’s torso-worn hunting and outdoor holster products.

Galco has expanded its offerings with the High Ready Chest Holster, including an option for the Sig P320-XTEN pistol with or without a red dot attached. [Photo credit: Galco]

According to Galco, the High Ready holster is perfect for carrying a large-frame pistol comfortably, whether you are hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping. The torso-worn holster keeps the pistol positioned away from the waistline and allows the user to carry a rifle on either shoulder without interference. This design comes in handy when it is beneficial when riding a horse or an ATV or having to forge any water, keeping the gun up and away from debris.

Galco attributes the comfort of the High Ready holster to its three major design features. The first feature that lends to comfort is the innovative backing plate that is made from ballistic nylon and Galco’s own Comfort Cloth, which is a mesh that allows for padding and is moisture-wicking.

Key features of the High Ready chest holster include:

  • Hybrid Kydex/nylon construction
  • Ballistic nylon front over closed-cell foam
  • Comfort Cloth lining on the back provides padding and moisture wicking
  • Rigid Kydex holster pocket for a fast draw and easy holstering
  • Chest-style cross-draw carry
  • Comfortable 2″ shoulder and torso straps
  • Three secure metal side-release buckles
  • Fits chests to 58″

The harness construction is the second item that adds to the comfort, with three independent attachment points that allow the holster to pivot maximizing movement. The three secure metal side-release buckles attach the holster to the harness straps at the pivot points. The rigid, open-topped Kydex holster pocket offers full slide coverage and allows for a fast draw and holstering of the carry gun.

Galco High Ready Chest holster on grey
Galco states the High Ready Chest Holster is very comfortable to wear and attributes the comfort to the design including wide straps to distribute the weight of the pistol, the moisture wicking material, and the three pivot and attachment points. [Photo credit: Galco]

The last key feature, according to Galco, that makes the High Ready chest holster so comfortable is the 2” wide tubular webbing harness straps that help distribute the weight of the pistol. The shoulder strap can be placed on either shoulder with the second strap goes around the torso for highly effective weight distribution.

The Galco High Ready chest holster for the Sig P320-XTEN is available in black and has a retail price of $169.