Comp-Tac Adds New Kydex Single Drop Leg Accessory

Comp-Tac Holsters recently announced the addition of a highly sought-after accessory to their lineup, the Kydex Single Point Drop Leg. It is crafted from aircraft-grade Kydex and is strategically molded to comfortably fit around the thigh of the user. A nine-hole system allows for the mounting of various holsters and products, allowing the user to adapt to multiple types of mission requirements. 

Comp-Tac recently announced the addition of the Kydex Single Point Drop Leg to their accessories line-up.

The drop leg comes with an adaptor plate that makes this holster compatible with the Comp-Tac CT3 Level III holster, the CT2-A Level II holster, the International and QB level I holster. The Kydex Single Point Drop Leg secures to the user at the waist with a hook and loop strap and around the thigh with an elastic strap equipped with a heavy-duty buckle.

Comp-Tac Kydex Single leg accessory
The Kydex Single Point Drop Leg attaches to the belt of the user and the leg with an elastic and rubber grip material and side release buckle for a secure fit.

“With the development of the CT3 Level III holster, we have been looking into more varied mounting capabilities,” explained Gordon Carrell general manager of Comp-Tac. “The Kydex Single Point Drop Leg is the solution for both military and law enforcement customers who need to carry their firearm in a different position to help meet the needs of their situations.”

Key Features

  • Kydex material provides a rigid base for a holster or other equipment
  • Attachment point compatible with the CT3, CT2-A, CT2-H, International, and QB Holster
  • Attachment point also compatible with SQR and other quick disconnect systems
  • Adjustable VELCRO Belt Loop
  • Adjustable elastic leg strap with rubber grip material integrated and heavy-duty side-release buckle
Comp-Tac Drop-Leg holster
The Kydex Single Drop Leg is compatible with the CT3, CT2-A, CT2-H, International, and QB Holsters from Comp-Tac or other holsters via a nine-hole system for mounting.

The ability to connect multiple types of mounts and holsters to the Kydex Single-Point Drop Leg makes it unique and unlike any of its kind on the market. The Kydex Drop Leg has a retail price of $50.

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