CrossBreed Holsters Announces New Rogue Holster System

CrossBreed Holsters announced the release of their Rogue System recently. It is available in both right and left hand, though they are out of stock for lefties at the moment. Standard is Magpul FDE (Cerakoted), but there are four other choices for some additional dollars, as well as several add-on options.

Rogue System with firearm and magazine. [Photo courtesy of CrossBreed Holsters]

About the Rogue Holster System

The next evolution of CrossBreed Holsters is NOW! CrossBreed revolutionized the holster market with the release of the SuperTuck and has focused on producing the finest hybrid holsters available since, but the time has come to start revolutionizing the holster market once again.

For years your favorite all-kydex holsters have had specific features that you like, such as an attached magazine carrier, adjustable retention, different clip options, or even a concealment wedge, leaving you to have to choose which features were most important to you…. but no more! The Rogue Holster by CrossBreed Holsters is the perfect combination of many of the features that you’ve come to love, all in the perfect holster setup. Featuring…

  • Detachable magazine carrier so you’re always ready for the fight.
  • Adjustable retention so you can easily adjust the holster for a smoother draw or more security.
  • Concealment claw for a more discreet carry.
  • Multiple clip options and locations for a fully customized fit.
  • Adjustable cant for the perfect draw angle

CrossBreed Holsters Rouge System
Rouge System holster. [Photo courtesy of CrossBreed Holsters]

For the longest time you had to pick between your holster being comfortable or other options you look for, but unlike many all-Kydex holsters the Rogue Holster keeps comfort at the forefront while not sacrificing options and it shows with many of its features, including…

  • Multiple clip options for desired carry style, height, and location: the Rogue Holster can be worn strong side, appendix, or even cross-draw with our OWB loops.
  • Adjustable clip mounting locations allow the clips to be adjusted for higher or lower carry positions
  • The curved design allows the holster to slightly wrap around your body, making the holster less noticeable in your waistband.

CrossBreed Holsters Rouge System
The Rouge holster. [Photo courtesy of CrossBreed Holsters]

The Rogue system starts at $99.95.