Dan Wesson Limited-Edition Heirloom 2022 1911 Pistol

Dan Wesson Firearms is well-known among gun enthusiasts for quality 1911 pistols. The company produces some of the finest American-made 1911 production pistols on the market. The ‘Heirloom’ pays homage to the Dan Wesson name. A limited number of the Heirloom 2022 pistols will be made, making them highly collectible, desirable pieces for loyal customers and collectors alike—and a family treasure for generations.

Dan Wesson Firearms has released a limited-edition Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol. The Heirloom 1911 pistol is based on the original John Browning 1911 design with a decorative finish.

The Heirloom 2022 is a full-size 1911 pistol true to the original John Browning design. The robust 40.1-ounce pistol, chambered in the potent .45 ACP, uses all-steel components for the frame, slide, and parts. The pistol features a 5-inch barrel, beavertail grip safety, and a commander-style hammer, inspired by the most popular features from various 1911 models.

Dan Wesson 1911 pistol right
Each Dan Wesson Firearms revolver bears the name of Daniel B. Wesson, who founded Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. in 1968. His goal was to build the finest revolvers that the shooting world had ever seen. As a result of his hard work and dedication, his firearms are known for their innovation, indestructibility, and match-grade accuracy.

Like all Dan Wesson 1911s, the attention to detail is impeccable. The perfectly fitted frame and slide feature ornate scrollwork. On the side of the frame, its model name—Heirloom—clearly distinguishes this model as something special. A bronze PVD finish suits this collectible handgun, protecting its metal surfaces and adding a shiny luster that elevates this unique handgun. Black accents on the small parts and mainspring housing further characterize this pistol. Modern G10 grips round out this traditional pistol while adding a secure gripping surface in all conditions.

Scrollwork on Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol
The Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol has a bronze PVD finish that protects the metal surfaces with intricate scrollwork engraving on the slide and frame. The pistol sports modern G10 grips that are not only stylish but functional.

The Heirloom 2022 is the perfect 1911 pistol for Dan Wesson fans who know and desire quality and performance in a stunning showpiece. Dan Wesson Firearms anticipates the Heirloom’s limited production run will sell out fast. The Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol has an MSRP of $2,399.

Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 Pistol Features

  • Frame engraved with ‘Heirloom’
  • Bronze PVD finish is both rugged and sophisticated
  • Stylish black G10 grips improve hold in all conditions
  • Decorative scrollwork engraving on slide and frame
  • Classic 1911 design with large beavertail and commander-style hammer
  • Brass front sight and u-notch rear sight provide quick sight alignment
  • Steel frame and slide for durability
Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol
The Dan Wesson Heirloom 2022 1911 pistol is chambered in .45 ACP and uses all steel components for the frame, slide, and other parts. The pistol weighs a stout 40.1 ounces with a 5” barrel and beavertail grip.


  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Magazine Capacity: 8 Rounds
  • Frame/Slide: Steel
  • Finish: Bronze PVD
  • Front Sight: Brass bead
  • Rear Sights: U Notch
  • Grips: G10
  • Overall Length: 8.65-inches
  • Barrel: 5-inches
  • Height: 5.5-inches
  • Width: 1.32-inches
  • Weight: 40-ounces
  • Trigger Mech: Single action
  • Safety: Manual thumb safety; Grip safety
  • MSRP: $2,399.00

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