Dillon Rifle Company TAC 501: 50 BMG Goodness

There are a lot of pros to running big bore rifles. Not only are they fantastic for long-range precision but they can be quite effective for hunting applications. And, they’re fun to shoot. The Dillon Rifle Company TAC 501 is one such rifle, and it’s designed to perform. From its stock to its muzzle, every detail of this gun is meant to improve your shooting experience, and all in 50 BMG.

The Dillon Rifle Company TAC 501 is chambered in 50 BMG and designed for superior precision. (Photo: Dillon Rifle Company)

The Dillon Rifle Company states that The Beast TAC 501 is a purpose-built long-range weapon system made for superior overall performance. It’s chambered in 50 BMG, which is a great caliber for long-range use, but also simply enjoyable to shoot in general. The TAC 501 is built on renowned McMillan TAC 50 legacy, which is noteworthy due to its holding the record for the longest engagement by a Canadian special operations team. If you want a platform made to withstand serious use, this just might be the 50 BMG for you.

TAC 501 muzzle end
The rifle ships with a bipod for stability and greater accuracy. (Photo: Dillon Rifle Company)

This rifle system features a heavy 416 SS barrel with cut rifling. The weight of the barrel is ideal for large bores like 50 BMG and it’s made to be durable and long-lasting. The 27.5-inch barrel is made from match-grade stainless steel and has a 1-in-15 twist. As for the barreled action, it has a black Cerakote finish or natural stainless finish with a clear coat and nickel finish for resistance to wear and tear. The Beast TAC 501 has a Remington 700 style trigger with a factory-set pull weight of 4.5 lbs. and a bottom safety. It also has a manually operated, detachable box magazine and a 5 +1 capacity.

Dillon Rifle Company TAC 501
The rifle weighs 28 pounds empty and without a scope. (Photo: Dillon Rifle Company)

Thanks to the rifle being fitted with a custom-built Grayboe carbon fiber stock, it has improved strength and impressive durability. Other features include a spacer system, a Limbsaver recoil pad, and an adjustable cheek rest. It also has a rear rake side baffle muzzle brake, which helps manage recoil, increase shooter comfort during live fire, and improve accuracy. A B&T heavy-duty Atlas bipod is included.

According to the Dillon Rifle Company, The Beast TAC 501 rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy. You bring the skills and the rifle will do the rest.

right side view of Dillon Rifle Company TAC 501
This rifle is capable of producing sub-MOA groups. (Photo: Dillon Rifle Company)

Features include:

  • 50 BMG chambering.
  • 5 +1 capacity with detachable box magazine.
  • Overall empty weight of 28 pounds, without a scope, meaning it has the necessary bulk to offset felt recoil.
  • Overall length of 55 inches.
  • 27.5-inch 416 SS barrel with a 1-in-15 twist rate to stabilize heavy 50 BMG bullets.
  • Natural Stainless or Black Cerakote finish barreled action so the shooter can choose according to personal preferences.
  • 30 MOA rail.
  • Proprietary nickel-plated bolt with large teardrop bolt knob for smoother bolt manipulation.
  • Remington 700 style 4.5lb trigger for a clean break, short re-set, and good follow-through.
  • 1.0-inch adjustable cheek rest so the gun can be fit to the shooter.
  • Length of pull between 13.5 and 14.25 inches using the included 0.25-inch spacers so it can be adjusted to the shooter.
  • 3, 6, & 9 position MLok rails for the addition of aftermarket accessories.
  • Atlas Bipod has tilt and pan to give shooters options during live fire.
  • Integrated thumb hook & thumb shelf for greater accuracy.
  • Sling studs on the rear of the stock in case the shooter chooses to add a sling.
  • Stock is available in three colors (Deep Blue, DRC Green, & Basic Black).
  • Ships in an SKB lockable case to keep the rifle protected from damage.
  • Includes J Dewey cleaning rod, jag, and nylon brush so shooters have what they need on hand for basic maintenance.

MSRP for the Dillion Rifle Company The Beast TAC 501 is set at $10,500.00.