Duramag SPEED: Marksman Ready Mags

Having the correct magazine for your needs is important. Some gun owners don’t realize just how vital that one small part is, but if the magazine fails in some way, you can end up in serious trouble. Whether that translates to a lost range day, a missed shot during a hunt, or worse, depends on the day. Thanks to the team at Duramag, there’s a magazine specifically designed for marksmen. If you shoot for precision from the bench, this Duramag SPEED mag is made with you in mind.

The Duramag SPEED magazine is now available in a 20-round capacity, making it a far better fit for marksmen. (Photo credit: Duramag)

Duramag’s SPEED magazine is made for the AR-15 platform. SPEED mags are created as enhanced USGI magazines. As the manufacturer points out, they are battle-proven magazines that have stood the test of time and have been relied on by members of the military and law enforcement for years. The body of the magazines is 6061-T6 aluminum which is a precipitation-hardened alloy known for its strength and heat resistance. Magazines are hard-coat anodized for superior resistance to wear and are available in a variety of colors.

duramag speed magazine
The SPEED magazine is available with a 20-round capacity, making it the correct size for precision shooters firing from the bench or other rests. (Photo credit: Duramag)

What makes the SPEED magazine ideal for marksmen is not only their reliability but their size. The 20-round capacity SPEED mags are the perfect length for shooting from the bench or any rest where a longer magazine will be in the way. And if you prefer having a larger mag on hand, the SPEED is also available in a 30-round capacity.

duramag speed magazine
The mags are offered in the larger 30-round capacity as well. (Photo credit: Duramag)

The SPEED magazine is offered in the following colors. Color availability may vary by capacity:

  • Black with black follower
  • Black with orange follower
  • Gray with black follower
  • Gray with orange follower
  • Gray with gray follower
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • OD Green
  • Desert Gold

This magazine is a solid choice for shooters accustomed to the curved profile of the larger 30-round magazine. Because this smaller magazine retains the curved profile it’s easier to carry and more familiar for reloads. Duramag designed this magazine according to exacting specifications and states you can depend on them for consistent performance.

MSRP for the Duramag SPEED 20-round magazine is set at $18.20.