Emissary Development Updated Paddle Shifter for SureFire X300

Emissary Development, a relatively young firearms accessories company, has updated its SureFire X300 weapon light paddle shifter design for a better profile and easier installation.

Emissary Development has updated its paddle shifter for the SureFire X300 to incorporate some much-needed design changes. Overall the changes make the paddle shifter easier to install and help eliminate snagging issues with certain holsters. (Photo: Emissary Development)

Emissary Development first got its start in 2020 but has nearly a decade of experience in the firearms industry under MilSpec Enterprises. With this experience and knowledge, changes came around for the paddle shifter design for use with the SureFire X300. The main changes they incorporated in the design are a new set screw, armature port changes, and the overall paddle profile.

First off, the set screw update came by way of the locking feature that was added. According to Emissary Development, it will give the paddle shifter a significantly better hold on the switch armature. They also state that it will make it easier for the paddle switch to install.

Another item Emissary Development updated is the armature port that was opened to aid in smoother installs, and it as allows for a higher level of quality control for the manufacturing process. Lastly, they updated the paddle profile overall. In the previous model, there were some overhanging materials that would snag on a handful of Safariland holsters. According to Emissary, the new profile tucks the edge of the paddle closer to the frame to prevent any further snag issues.

Emissary Development updates
The main changes for the paddle shifter are the updated set screw locking feature and the anti-sag profile. (Photo: Emissary Development)

Word of note from the company, they still recommend that Safariland holsters be modified to prevent any other wear and unwanted contact with the paddle. If users of the older model have had issues with their holster and paddle shifter, the company welcomes them to contact the for a replacement to the updated model.

Emissary Development is expecting the updated paddle shifter for the SureFire X300 to be available soon. No word on the price tag but it is expected to be around what the previous model was listed at.