Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells

The Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth shotshells line lets hunters pursue both upland birds and waterfowl with a hard-hitting, lead-free option that performs better than steel. HEVI-Bismuth shot gives hunters lead performance in a non-lead pellet. HEVI-Bismuth boasts a heavy-hitting payload of 9.6g/cc density pellets and is 22% denser than steel.

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells
Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells give you more pellets per round than steel. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammo YouTube Channel)

“Hunters wanting a non-lead shotshell option with increased performance will want to add HEVI-Bismuth to their hunting bag or vest this hunting season,” said Dan Compton, Federal’s Shotshell Product Manager. “We sourced the shot from our partners at HEVI-Shot and added Federal’s rear-deploying FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for even greater downrange performance.”

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Density
Bismuth pellets are denser than steel (Photo: Federal Premium Ammo YouTube Channel)

Available in three 20-gauge and six 12-gauge variants, the Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth works for waterfowl and upland hunters. The loads have higher pellet counts than comparably performing steel shot loads, making for a greater chance of success in the field.

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells Flite Control Flex Wad
The new shell combines shot from HEVI-Shot and Federal’s Flite Control Flex Wad (Photo: Federal Premium Ammo YouTube Channel)

HEVI-Bismuth pellets are not only softer than steel and tungsten but can safely be used in both modern and classic shotguns.

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells safe for modern and classic shotguns
Federal HEVI-Bismuth shells in 12 and 20-gauge are safe for modern and classic shotguns. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammo YouTube Channel)

“HEVI-Bismuth will be a great addition to the already wide range of shotshell products Federal offers,” continued Compton. “With bismuth also being safe to use in classic shotguns, hunters can take their favorite heirloom shotgun back into the field to hunt upland and waterfowl without worrying about damaging their barrels.”

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells waterfowl and upland birds
Federal HEVI-Bismuth shotshells are great for waterfowl and upland birds. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammo YouTube Channel)

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