High Speed Gear Core Plate Carrier: Cummerbund Ready

Plate carriers are designed to give the wearer some degree of protection against specific calibers of bullets. The High Speed Gear Core Plate Carrier is a popular design that’s trusted by many, but there are those who would like an extra layer of protection on their sides. This is where the Core Side Plate Carrier Cummerbund comes in because it gives the wearer the ability to add on to their existing plate carrier for even greater coverage.

High Speed Gear’s Core Plate Carrier is available with a cummerbund. (Photo credit: High Speed Gear)


High Speed Gear released the following details of their Core Side Plate Carrier Cummerbund:

…[this is] an additional accessory to the Core Plate Carrier. The Core Side Plate Cummerbund integrates with the Core Plate Carrier, providing four columns of MOLLE attachment area on the sides of the torso, and holds hard side plates for added protection. The cummerbund is built from lightweight durable laser-cut laminate. Webbing straps with integrated elastic allow for a comfortable, precise fit. Side-release buckles allow for quick don/doff.


The Core Side Plate Cummerbund features five rows and four columns of laser cut MOLLE, built from a durable

Cordura nylon laminate. Webbing straps with integrated elastic, allow for precise body fit for most users. Side plates are

stored in integrated pockets which adjust to fit most plates in the 6×6” to 6×8” range.