High Speed Gear Releases New Apex Slick Sling

High Speed Gear recently launched the latest additional option in their Apex Sling collection, the Apex Slick Sling. It is a variation of the original Apex sling, forgoing the pad portion for a full mil-spec tubular webbing construction.

The latest offering in the High Speed Gear Apex Sling line of accessories is the Apex Slick Sling.

The Apex Slick Sling offers a two-point, quick-adjust capability for rifles, carbines, and comparably sized weapons. The minimalistic design allows for a lightweight, easy to maneuver sling making it practical for any environment. The webbing features Schoeller Nanosphere coating, which resists water absorption and reduces drying time. The Apex Slick Sling, like the Apex Sling, utilizes HSGI’s patent-pending Double-Tap Slider allowing the shooter to have more control over his/her weapon with two levels of friction.

HSG Apex Slick Sling
Slick Sling. The Apex Slick Sling has a full mil-spec tubular webbing construction, foregoing the pad portion that is present on the original Apex Sling.

Weighing 0.3 pounds or 136 grams, the Apex Slick Sling has a total length of 62 inches. It features a mil-spec tubular webbing along with steel hardware with military-grade coating for enhanced durability. The Apex Slick Sling is compatible with a wide variety of mounting options and is Berry Amendment compliant. All High Speed Gear products are hand-made in America with USA-made materials.

High Speed Gear Apex Slick Sling on rifle
Constructed with all USA-made materials, the High Speed Gear Apex Slick Sling is Berry Amendment compliant and weighs only .3 pounds and is 62 inches long.

“For those who prefer a more minimal sling, the Apex Slick offers the same water resistance and adjustability as the original Apex, in a more streamlined product,” said Bill Babboni chief operating officer of High Speed Gear.


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