High Speed Gear Releases Their New Apex Sling

High Speed Gear announced the release of their newest product today, the Apex Sling. The Apex is made in the USA and is covered by HSGI’s lifetime warranty.

High Speed Gear Apex Sling in Black. (Photo courtesy of High Speed Gear)

About the Apex Sling

The Apex Sling is unlike any of its kind, offering a two-point, quick-adjust for rifles, carbines, and comparable sized weapons. The low-profile waterproof pad provides added comfort and durability, which is a highly sought-after feature that keeps the user focused on what matters most. The Apex Sling was designed with a patent-pending Double-Tap Slider, which allows for quick adjustments while also providing two levels of friction to meet user preference.

The Apex Sling in coyote brown.
The Apex Sling in coyote brown. (Photo courtesy of High Speed Gear)

The mil-spec tubular webbing features Schoeller Nanosphere coating, which provides water resistance and rapid drying time. The steel hardware with military-grade coating ensures durability that exceeds the well-past the lifetime of other slings on the market. The Apex Sling is compatible with a wide variety of mounting options, is Berry Amendment compliant and hand-made in the USA.

“In a space where most slings share a similar design, details can make all the difference,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI Senior Designer. “Our expert users helped us zero in on features that really matter to demanding users. As a result, the Apex is adaptable, comfortable, and reliable, which allows you to focus on the mission.”

The Apex Sling is now available for purchase from HSGI Authorized Dealers or on the High Speed Gear website.

The Apex is $45.00 and available in either black or coyote brown.


Dimensions: 62” x 1.88” x 0.5” .3 lbs
Metric: 157.48cm x 4.78cm x 1.27cm 136 g

The HSGI Clips are included.

High Speed Gear Apex Sling
The Apex Sling (Photo courtesy of High Speed Gear)

About High Speed Gear.

“High Speed Gear is dedicated to building the best 100% American-made, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear. Our products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all our customers, whether military, law enforcement or responsibly-armed citizens. Our products are user driven and are designed based on the operational experiences of a wide variety of end users.”

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