High Speed Gear’s Double Extended Pistol Pouches: More TACO Options

The High Speed Gear pouch lineup has gotten yet another revamp, and this time it’s the Pistol TACO’s turn. The pistol TACO pouches group to include a Double Extended Pistol TACO and the Duty Double Extended Pistol TACO.

The Double Extended Pistol TACO is a versatile pouch that can securely hold almost any high-capacity pistol magazine but can also hold large flashlights, collapsible batons, and other survival gear. The design of the pouch, like the Single Extended Pistol TACO, allows for quick and quiet deployment of the magazine in the pouch. It is also similar to the HSG Duty version of the pouch in its function but has the shock-cord woven on the outside of the pouch.

High Speed Gear has revamped its Pistol TACO pouch. Now there is a double pouch option in the regular TACO and the Duty TACO pouch. (Photo credit: High Speed Gear)

The Duty Double Extended Pistol TACO secures items in the pouch with a sleek, professional look with the internal shock-cord. The Duty version of the Extended Pistol TACO was designed with law enforcement professionals in mind. It is constructed from a proprietary heavy-duty nylon laminate and polymer brackets for versatility in size and restraint.

“We’ve continued to successfully grow the High Speed Gear brand and product selection by making the time to listen to our customers’ wants and needs,” said Bill Babboni, Chief Operating Officer of High Speed Gear. “These two products will benefit military service members, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike.”

According to High Speed Gear, both products are permanently secured to a laser-cut laminate base. That means easy and stable mounting on any MOLLE or PALS platform, such as vests, plate carriers, or duty belts. Either pouch would be a great addition to any shooter’s gear lineup. Both pouches have HSG’s Lifetime Warranty and are made in the USA.