H&K MP5 Magazine Comparison — Which One is the Best for YOU?

If you’ve followed GunMag Warehouse for any length of time, you’ve seen Jeremy. He’s in many of the videos on GunMag social channels, and when you combine his exuberant personality with blasters…well, he’s just fun to watch. Today, we’re going to watch Jeremy test out three magazines with one of his favorite guns on the planet, the H&K MP5. It’s highly probable that the MP5 is a favorite for lots of folks. It’s an icon, the world over.

So, let’s get right down to it. The three magazines he is testing are:

  • Century Arms 30-round steel magazine
  • ETS red polymer
  • Heckler & Koch factory
Which one is best for you?

The ETS polymer magazine gets some points for style, but ultimately that’s not very important. Reliability is the biggest factor Jeremy is looking for, and he’s thinking that the H&K factory mag should win out over the other two. However, he expects the results to speak for themselves.

To test the mags, Jeremy plans to shoot a few rounds in single-fire and then switch over to full auto for a mag dump. Oh, and by the way, Jeremy is wrong-handed, so you’ll see a lot of that. Don’t like it? Leave a comment!

Century Arms Steel Magazine

This is a Turkish magazine made for the AP5, an MP5 clone.

Century Arms MP5 magazine
The Century Arms magazine has a steel body and spring with a chrome follower. 
Century Arms 30-round magazine for H&K MP5
How well does the Century arms mag perform?

The Century Arms mag has a couple of hiccups with a failure to fire after a few single shots. Also, it fails to feed the last two rounds of full auto.

ETS H&K MP5 Red Polymer

The ETS magazine is the only polymer magazine that Jeremy uses for this test. 

ETS HK MP5 30 round red polymer magazine
This affordable aftermarket magazine from ETS is made with an advanced UV-resistant, creep-resistant, translucent polymer body and steel internal springs. 
Ets Polymer Red magazine for H&K MP5
Does the fact that it’s constructed of polymer make any difference in its reliability?

The ETS mag doesn’t have any problem with either the single shots or with the full auto mag dump.

H&K MP5 Factory Steel Magazine

This is a factory replacement magazine for the MP5. It’s made in Germany, with German engineering and precision.  

HK MP5 factory steel magazIne
The HK magazine is made of steel with steel spring internals and anti-tilt follower.
Heckler & Kock MP5 steel magazine
The HK mag is made to strict factory specifications, so Jeremy expects that it should perform better than any aftermarket mags.

As Jeremy expected, HK magazine performs like a champ. No issues whatsoever.

Which Magazine is Best?

Jeremy says he could use all of them, potentially, but he’d probably go with either the ETS or the HK mag. Unfortunately, Jeremy is unable to test the KCI mag because it was out of stock at the time of this filming. Too bad, because it would have been interesting to see how it compares to the others.

Of course, he says the best part of all of this was shooting the MP5 in fully automatic mode. Since customers ask all the time about the different products available at GunMag Warehouse, Jeremy and the rest of the GunMag crew plan to keep doing tests and comparisons like this one to showcase the products. Be sure and check out the ones already posted on the GunMag Warehouse YouTube channel.

Watch the video and leave us a comment. What other products would you like to see Jeremy test?