Introducing The GBRS Hydra Aimpoint Mount

The GBRS Group, a company self-described dedicated to sharing what learned in their operational careers to those who need it most, has introduced a brand new optics mount: the Hydra. BLUF, the HYDRA is the first dual optic Aimpoint mount designed for end-users that offers a 2.91″ Optic Centerline for faster target ID.

Enough from us though, let’s see what they have to say about it.

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GBRS Group is a unique organization founded by veterans of special mission units, with instructors selected from retired special mission operators from across the service branches

The HYDRA is the first dual optic mount designed and developed by veterans who strive for the highest standards of excellence and performance for end-users that offers a 2.91″ Optic Centerline for faster target ID, regardless of gear/equipment obstructions. 

Key performance enhancements of the Aimpoint mount include:

  • Passive shooting while wearing NVGs.
  • Gas mask/ CBRNE defeat
  • Frees up rail space on platforms with short rails
  • Compatible for cross-eye dominant users
  • Heads-up position for CQB and increased processing speed
  • Relocating IR/VIS laser allows for a center of gravity weight distribution over the mag well
  • Universal support grip regardless of day or night operations.


Hydra Aimpoint Mount
Pictured is the black variant of the GBRS Group Aimpoint HYDRA mount.


FDE Hydra Aimpoint Mount
Pictured Above is the FDE color variant for the GBRS Group Aimpoint HYDRA Mount

What’s included:

  • 1 x Hydra Mount
  • 1 x S3 Case
  • 1 x Chapman custom tool kit
  • 1 x Blue Lock-tight Tube 
  • 1 x Hydra Mount Sticker 

Available in Black & FDE, from a disabled veteran-owned, tier 1 tactical training, equipment, and brand consulting company focused on providing state-of-the-art training and techniques to end-users in the military, federal, state, and local special operations units.

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Pictured above: GBRS Group’s HYDRA Aimpoint Mount S3 box, alongside a mount side-view sticker, t-shirt, and some color variants.


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