Kit Badger Reviews the Sig Sauer P365XL

When you’re looking for a carry gun, odds are good you’re hoping for one that’s fairly compact, easy to conceal, and has above-average magazine capacity. That means you’ll probably hear about the Sig Sauer P365XL somewhere along the way, and we’re here to help with your P365XL-related questions. In this video review, Ivan of Kit Badger reviews the P365XL after carrying the gun for about a year and using it in classes at various places, including Thunder Ranch. Read on to find out what features the gun has and what Kit Badger thinks of its performance.

The Sig P365XL gets a live fire review from Kit Badger. (Photo credit: Kit Badger)

What are Some Sig P365XL Features?

This pistol is the slightly-bigger-brother version of the original P365. At 20.7 ounces, empty, it’s still pretty lightweight, and it delivers solid capacity at 10 +1 or 12 +1 depending on the magazine (you can also get 15 and 20-round aftermarket magazines). The model Ivan of Kit Badger reviewed was the version that ships with a Sig Romeo Zero red dot sight (RDS) which is a nice option from the manufacturer. RDS have become increasingly popular and having your carry gun shipped with a reliable model already mounted to the gun makes the entire process simpler.

Ivan of Kit Badger reviews the Sig P365XL.
Ivan of Kit Badger reviews the Sig P365XL. (Photo credit: Kit Badger)

The P365XL has an overall height of 4.8-inches without an optic, an overall length of 6.6 inches, and a width of 1.1 inches. Its barrel is made from carbon steel and is 3.7-inches long. This is a micro-compact pistol chambered in 9x19mm designed specifically for concealed carry.

Check out the Kit Badger video for more from Ivan about the Sig P365XL.


How Does the P365XL Perform?

Ivan shares some thoughts on the overall performance of the P365XL, saying, “Honestly, this pistol can outshoot me.”

He goes on to say that the magazines are one of the cooler features. “You have to have this…hybrid double-single-stack to where you can get a flush fit 12-round magazine or the extended 15, and at the same time you have a pistol that is incredibly narrow. …from a concealability standpoint, you have something really small.” Je also notes that similar to the P320s, you can basically configure the P365XL how you want. “Tons of options with this pistol.”

Sig P365XL at the range
For the video review, Ivan ran the P365XL in a number of classes and also carried it for a year. (Photo credit: Kit Badger)

Why do people like the Sig P365XL so much?

This gun is popular for good reason. A few of those reasons include:

  • Micro-compact size
  • Good defensive caliber
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy

The SIG P365XL is chambered in 9x19mm which is currently the most popular defensive caliber on the market. Is 9mm your personal favorite or do you prefer a carry gun in a different caliber? Let us know in the comments below.

P365 XL Specifications

  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Capacity: 12 +1 (also available in 10 +1)
  • Size: Micro-Compact
  • Overall Length: 6.6 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.1 inches
  • Height: 4.8 inches (without optic)
  • Barrel Length: 3.7 inches
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 20.7 ounces (empty)
  • Sight Radius: 5.6 inches
  • Trigger Action: Striker-Fired
  • Trigger: X-Series Straight Blade
  • Grip: Polymer
  • Frame: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Optic Ready with XRAY3 Day/Night Sights
  • MSRP: $685