Konus Nuclear QR 1×22 RDS: Rapid Target Acquisition

Red dot sights are a fantastic addition to any gun. Not only can they speed up target acquisition and facilitate a clear sight picture, but they’re convenient and relatively easy to adapt to using. Of course, not everyone wants a dot that’s red, so what do you do if you want green, or hope to switch back and forth? You check out a red dot sight like the Konus Nuclear QR 1×22, which offers red or green at the flip of a switch.

The Konus Nuclear QR 1×22 is a red dot sight that has an option to run it as green. (Photo credit: Konus)

The manufacturer provides the following details of the Nuclear QR 1×22:

Konus is adding to its comprehensive assortment of competitively priced optics a new and truly invaluable option for the especially demanding tactical field. On top of its very compact size, the # 7215 Nuclear-QR Red/Green Dot is uniquely versatile because it comes with a dual mounting system and with a special riser that allows for a much higher placement on [AR-15 platform rifles] if needed.

You can therefore switch from the low mount (suitable for Weaver/Picatinny rails) to the high mount (suitable for Picatinny rails and with Quick Release) in a fast and practical way, while gaining an additional 0.9” height in the process.

Konus Nuclear QR 1x22 green and red control buttons
The Konus Nuclear QR 1×22 has a dot that can be green or red. Pictured here are the buttons used to control color of the dot and brightness. (Photo credit: airguns.com)

Features of the Konus Nuclear QR 1×22:

  • Double high mounting system with quick release, and also low mounting system
  • Red or green dot, both 3 MOA
  • 8 brightness intensities for each color, according to the manufacturer’s press release
  • Unlimited eye relief, adjustable to the user
  • Fog resistant, water resistant, and anti-shock
  • Low frame mount compatible with Weaver or Picatinny rail
  • High frame mount compatible with Picatinny rail
  • High precision tactical turrets
  • Battery life estimated at 200 hours depending on brightness setting
Konus Nuclear QR 1x22 and parts
A look at some of the parts that come with the Konus Nuclear QR 1×22, and the battery it takes, which is not included. (Photo credit: airguns.com)

This is a lightweight red dot sight with added versatility thanks to its easy-to-use high or low mounts. According to the manufacturer, the Nuclear QR 1×22 is made for tactical applications and provides reliable performance. Battery life is estimated at 200 hours, which depends on the brightness setting the user runs it on. The ability to change to dot from red to green is also a good feature for users with astigmatism who might struggle to focus on a red dot.


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Length: 70mm
  • Weight: 140GR
  • Dot size: 3 M.O.A.
  • Brightness settings: 8
red and green reticles
The Nuclear QR 1×22 has a dot that can be set to red or green. (Photo credit: Konus)

Do you have a red dot sight, or do you prefer green? Why not both? Tell us what your choice of red dot sight color is in the comments section below.

MSRP for the Konus Nuclear QR 1×22 is $154.99.