Liberty Ammunition OverWatch Line – The Mag Life

Liberty Ammunition, the Florida-based ammunition company, has announced its new OverWatch line, made at the request of a government agency. According to Liberty, the OverWatch line will include law enforcement/Government agency calibers as well as personal defense calibers.

At the request of the unnamed government agency, the bullet design has a key feature: Open Cavity Design with Maximum Organ Displacement. The Open Cavity Design (OCD) gives the bullet a delayed rupture that allows for the Maximum Organ Displacement, or MOD, according to Liberty Ammunition.

Liberty Ammunition has released a line of ammunition that was designed for an unnamed government agency, called the OverWatch line. The ammunition will be available to LEO/government customers as well as civilians. (Photo: Liberty Ammunition)

Liberty Ammunition reports that the .45 ACP option will have a bullet weight of 105gr and a velocity of 1600 FPS. No word on the ballistic information for the other coming rounds but more information will be released at the upcoming SHOT Show.

“We are extremely proud of this new design; it is the ultimate in self-defense ammunition. OverWatch provides terminal performance through hydrostatic shock and deep penetration. The President referenced this terminality in a speech and OverWatch delivers superior terminal performance for self-defense.” said Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition.

Ramey added “OverWatch will have all calibers for law enforcement/government agencies and core self-defense calibers for the civilian market. OverWatch will be available through our distributor network and begin shipping immediately after SHOT Show…”

OverWatch ammo box
OverWatch ammunition is said to have Open Cavity Design (OCD) with Maximum Organ Displacement (MOD). (Photo: Liberty Ammunition)

Liberty Ammunition states that they are committed to being the leader in the self-defense ammunition realm. Their goal is to provide ammunition that has higher terminal velocity, travels at higher speeds to create hydrostatic shock (also known as terminal performance), and is lighter to carry than other brands.

The OverWatch line, as with all Liberty Ammunition, exceeds barrier penetration requirements and still ruptures as designed in soft tissue. No word on pricing for the different caliber options for the OverWatch line from Liberty Ammunition.