Luth-AR Widebody Hand Guard: 308 Ready

One of the fantastic things about the AR platform is how customizable it is, and there are a lot of parts on the market to support that. However, some parts stand out above others. The Luth-AR 308 Widebody Hand Guard is one of those. This handguard is designed to be versatile while also providing greater support and a more stable foundation. Those things translate to enhanced accuracy and precision, both of which are important to everyone from precision shooters to hunters to those at the range ringing steel. Keep reading to learn more about the latest from Luth-AR.

The Luth-AR 308 Widebody Hand Guard is designed to give ARs chambered in 308 Winchester a new handguard profile option. (Photo credit: Luth-AR)

Luth-AR says this part was designed specifically for 308 Win AR rifles.  The handguard is made from high-quality, 6061-T6 Aluminum extrusion for durability and longevity. It’s also hard coat anodized black for superior resistance to wear and tear. The barrel nut, which is included, is made from alloy steel with a Melonite finish so it remains secure and solid while withstanding the rigors of serious use.

The handguard measures 15 inches in length and weighs 1.3 pounds, so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to the user’s rifle.  Features include a sleek, ergonomic design that’s comfortable to grip and a wide, flat base for a  secure grip when shooting off-hand. The broad base also creates a more stable base shooting from a rest which can improve accuracy.

barrel nut for handguard
The barrel nut needed for this handguard is included as are all necessary screws. (Photo credit: Luth-AR)

According to Luth-AR, the 308 Widebody Hand Guard is a great option for shooters interested in upgrading their rifle with a versatile, sturdy handguard. There are M-LOK slots along the top and bottom of the handguard for the easy addition of aftermarket accessories such as a bipod, weapon-mounted lights, or lasers. The handguard has a matte black finish to reduce glare.

handguard for 308
Luth-AR includes everything you need to install the handguard yourself. No gunsmith is needed. (Photo credit: Luth-AR)

Features of the Luth-AR 308 Widebody Hand Guard include:

  • M-LOK slots so aftermarket accessories can be easily mounted to the rifle.
  • 15-inch overall length.
  • Widebody Hand Guard Barrel Nut included.
  • Includes four clamp screws for installation.
  • Two vertical set screws are also included to control linear movement.
  • Thread lock for simple and quick installation.
  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum extrusion for durability and to maintain a lighter overall weight.
  • Finished with black hardcoat anodized, matte finish to withstand wear.
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 2.00 inches.
    • Width at the widest part: 2.26 inches.
    • Inside height: 1.625 inches.
    • Inside width: 1.35 inches.
  • No gunsmith is required for installation.
  • Made for everyone from precision shooters to hunters to 3-gun competitors.
luth-ar handguard
The handguard measures 15 inches in length. (Photo credit: Luth-AR)

This handguard is a good option for shooters that want a more stable platform or who prefer a wider base and narrower top on their handguard. Thanks to its M-LOK compatibility there’s no problem with mounting accessories, and the Picatinny rail is full-length, so you can add whatever optics or magnifiers you want.

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MSRP for the Luth-AR 308 Widebody Hand Guard is set at $