Magpul AR Upgrades – The Mag Life

Magpul continues to announce its new products for 2023, and AR fans will be interested to know that the company has updated its AR platform offerings to include a Wire Control Kit, Enhanced Selector Kit, and the Barricade Stop.

Magpul WCK

The Magpul WCK, or Wire Control Kit, is a way to get fast, secure, and clean management of light and laser wires on the user’s rifle. The system creates a streamlined look for the forend with easy-to-install M-LOK compatible assemblies.

The Wire Control Kit assembly from Magpul is designed to keep those wires secure and route them accordingly along the rifle forend. Compatible with metal M-LOK forends and some polymer ones. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The WCK assembly is a half-slot in size to allow for more precise positioning. The assemblies allow for routing of the cables straight through, at 90 degrees or even 180 degrees, whichever the shooter needs.

The WCK is compatible with metal M-LOK handguards but may not work completely with some polymer ones. There are six assemblies per package and are available in either black or flat dark earth (FDE). The WCK assemblies have a price tag of $19.95.

Enhanced Selector Kit

Magpul ESK
The Enhanced Selector Kit from Magpul comes with three different-sized selectors to help the shooter find the right fit for them. The selectors are ambidextrous and compatible with all AR platforms. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The next upgrade is the Magpul Enhanced Selector Kit or ESK. This modular and ambidextrous selector kit is designed for AR pattern firearms. This allows the user to get the right ergonomic fit without requiring any tools for installation.

Constructed from polymer and corrosion-resistant steel, the kit includes three levers to choose from. Also in the kit is a corrosion-resistant selector axle with 60- and 90-degree options for mounting. The kit comes in black and FDE and has a price tag of $49.95.

Barricade Stop

Last up for the AR upgrades is the Magpul Barricade Stop. The Barricade Stop is an aggressive hand stop with M-LOK that lets the shooter brace up against a barricade as a stable shooting base. The Barricade Stop is constructed from polymer for the body and has a steel insert for better contact with the barricade.

Magpul Barricade Stop
The Barricade Stop from Magpul has a faceted steel head so the shooter can pivot without losing purchase on the stop. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The Barricade Stop has a faceted steel head that allows for pivoting while keeping contact on the shooting surface. Once installed, it can be removed or swapped out if the shooter needs it. It, too, comes in black or FDE and has a price tag of $24.95.