Magpul DAKA Hard Case & GRID Organizers

Magpul is announcing its new products for 2023 and they started out with storage and transport solutions you’ll want to see. Hard case users have long lamented the supplied inserts, so Magpul has finally applied its touch to the subject by expanding its DAKA line to include hard cases and GRID organizer inserts.

The DAKA hard cases are designed to address many of the issues that users experienced with typical hard cases, giving the market a stronger, more reliable option. The DAKA GRID inserts are drop-in replacements for foam inserts that allow the user to customize the interior of their case. 

Magpul DAKA Hard Case

The hard case is constructed from injected molding that uses gas-charged polypropylene. This material helps reduce the weight while giving the case better strength capabilities and enhancing the overall integrity when compared to other hard cases. Plus, the case also has extra storage space in the double-walled corner pockets, adding impact resistance and a place to put smaller items inside the case.

The DAKA hard case is available in three sizes and comes with an intuitive DAKA Organizer system. The case is a huge step forward for hard cases and addresses many of the issues that folks have with other cases on the market. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The latch design is another step forward with large, easily operated push-button releases. When pressed, the latch opens and remains in the open position so it can be used as a handle as well. The latch can be closed with a simple downward motion anywhere on the latch body complete with a click that is easily heard. Also on the latches are standard lock pass-through holes that keep the case shut when locked. Magpul took it one step further by creating a lock recess that will house the lock, with the aid of a zip tie, to keep the lock secure and away from snag points.


The DAKA hard case is available in three different-sized models and will accept most shotguns and long rifles. The DAKA hard cases start around $300 and go up to $369 for the biggest case with the GRID organizer included. 


The DAKA inserts for the hard case are another push forward in firearm storage. The GRID insert replaces foam inserts in one swoop, even working in Pelican V800 and V730 cases. This drop-in GRIP and block make it so the end user can fully customize the interior of their case to fit whatever needs they have that day.

Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer blocks
The GRID Organizer system from Magpul is a bit like playing with grown-up Legos with organization inside a hard case. The pieces are completely adjustable and won’t wear down like the foam inserts. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The Expanded Polypropylene Panels (EPP) of the GRID organizer fit securely together to allow the user to customize the interior to organize, brace, and secure rifles, optics, ammunition, and other accessories or gear. The GRID is adjustable, meaning the user can change the interior from one moment to the next, depending on what they are carrying which doesn’t require any tools for changing it up.

DAKA GRID Organization
Magpul has expanded its DAKA line-up to include a hard case and GRID organizer, all made in the USA. GRID Organizer is shown inside a Pelican case. (Photo credit: Magpul)

Unlike traditional foam inserts, the GRID allows the user to reuse the inserts time and again without any permanent damage or changes. The EPP is resistant to chemical intrusion and damage so cleaning the interior, should the need arise, is simple. The best part is the DAKA GRID doesn’t degrade like foam and will keep the user’s gear safe and secure time after time.

The DAKA GRID organizer is available for the two Pelican models in addition to extra GRID blocks for purchase as a stand-alone, with more designs on the way.