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Magpul has updated its apparel offerings to include a Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie and Santini Eyewear. Both are made to Magpul standards of the highest quality materials for the best product.

Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie

Magpul has expanded its apparel line to include the Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie. The hoodie combines moisture-wicking and cooling materials for a superior outdoor hoodie. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie uses a combination of moisture-wicking and cooling materials to make the epitome of outdoor clothing. It is perfect for hunting, shooting at the range, on a boat, or even doing the dreaded yard work. According to Magpul, it will keep you comfortable, functional, and protected.

The hoodie is made from a lightweight, stretchable polyester fabric that has UPF 50 for extra protection. The materials have the brrr° Triple Chill Effect technology that mixes cooling materials, wicking, and fast drying to improve dryness, comfort, and reduce temperature. Additionally, the profile of the Hoodie is longer in the body to accommodate a concealed weapon.

The Sun and Steel Performance Hoodie is available in four colors (Grey, Tiger Stripe, Skull Camo, and Hula Camo) and sizes small through 4X-Large. It has an MSRP of $59.95.

Santini Eyewear

The Santini Eyewear harkens back to the US Air Force Type HGU-4P Aviators sunglasses, but with new materials. Magpul’s spin on the popular sunglasses makes them more reliable with impact protection with a casual design. It has a low-profile temple design that keeps the wearer comfortable and functional with hats or ear protection. According to the company, Santini Eyewear fits all facial profiles and has anti-slip adjustable rubber nose pads for all-day comfort.

Magpul Santini Eyewear
Magpul has taken the popular Aviator sunglasses and given them the Magpul spin. With water, chemical, and sweat resistance on the lenses, the glasses will work with a hat or under ear protection. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The glasses feature gray-green lenses that have a premium treatment to protect against water, sweat, and chemicals. They also have superior clarity, contrast, and color. The lenses come polarized for an active lifestyle and have a ballistic rating of Z87.1. The Santini Eyewear from Magpul has an MSRP of $149.