MDT ACC Elite: Superior Shooting

If you’re a competition shooter or want to get the best-possible performance out of your rifle at the range, you’re probably always looking for ways to up your game. Did you know that upgrading your rifle’s chassis could make have a major impact on accuracy and precision? All chassis systems are not built the same and it’s important to use a high-quality model. MDT produces their ACC Elite chassis system for serious shooters, enabling them to wring every bit of accuracy possible out of their guns.

The MDT ACC Elite chassis system is designed as a rigid, competition-ready system for dedicated shooters. (Photo credit: MDT)

The MDT ACC Elite is a purpose-driven system made for one of the most popular platforms out there: The Remington 700 SA. According to the manufacturer, it’s the most advanced competition chassis system on the market. This chassis gives top-tier shooters the ability to run their guns with instinctual point-and-shoot control on a fantastically balanced system. The ACC Elite facilitates rapid target acquisition, improves precision, and provides a durable, well-made 700 SA foundation for your rifle. MDT created this chassis so every element is stiffer, offers greater adjustability, and is beautifully balanced for the ideal melding of shooter and rifle.

MDT ACC Elite chassis
The chassis has an overall weight of 6.1 pounds. (Photo credit: MDT)

This chassis system is an advanced fusion of design and engineering that was designed with top-tier professional shooters in mind. The ACC Elite is assembled from CNC-machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and rigidity with Black, FDE, or Titanium Blue finish.

The system features a longer, wider, and stronger forend with integrated ARCA rail, a taller, adjustable magazine well, improved geometry in the form of the SRS-X Elite Buttstock, and a redesigned Vertical Grip Elite. The Remington 700 SA inlet chassis has an overall weight of 6.1 pounds and an overall length of 37.4 inches.

MDT ACC Elite chassis
The system has an adjustable thumb rest on both sides. (Photo credit: MDT)

Features of the MDT ACC Elite chassis system include:

  • Full-length ARCA forend with M-LOK slots for easy addition of aftermarket accessories.
  • Accessory mounting ports with M-LOK slots to broaden options for placement of accessories.
  • Adjustable M-LOK thumb rest on either side of the chassis for improved stability during live fire.
  • Integrated wide barrier stop for shooting from stationary objects.
  • Magnetic hex key storage is located under cheek rest for easy accessibility for adjustments.
  • Ambidextrous, adjustable magazine latch so it can be operated with either hand.
  • Adjustable SRS Elite buttstock with quick-release buttons to customize fit to the shooter.
  • Adjustable MDT Vertical Grip Elite to place the grip precisely where it best suits your hands and reach.
  • QD slings cups on the forend and buttstock for the addition of a sling.
  • Pre-installed one-inch buttstock spacer for better length of pull.
  • Hole located in trigger guard so the trigger can be adjusted quickly and simply.
MDT ACC Elite chassis connector bar
A connector bar increases rigidity and makes the system more stable. (Photo credit: MDT)

This MDT chassis is a fantastic upgrade for any Remington 700 SA. If you want to take your precision shooting to the next level, take a closer look at this chassis system.

MSRP for the MDT ACC Elite chassis system is set at $1599.95.