MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight

MDT, a multi-country company, has expanded its offerings of accessories to include the SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight. This weight, when added to the rifle, helps to decrease recoil, and improve the balance of the rifle.

The SRS-X Elite buttstock weight is designed to fit into the MDT SRS-X Elite buttstock which is on the MDT ACC Elite rifle. Weighing in about ¾ of a pound, the weight mounts on the rear of the rifle, giving an extra bit of weight to the rear—effectively moving the balance point significantly rearward.

MDT has expanded its offerings for accessories to include the SRS-X Elite Buttstock Weight. The weight, shown installed on the SRS stock, takes the center of gravity further to the rear to help balance the rifle better. [Photo credit MTD]

MDT states that the weight and shift of the center of gravity have a profound effect on the balance of the system. The company goes on to state that the weight is recommended to offset the weight of an MTU/Straight barrel or heavier muzzle device.

The buttstock weight mounts in the lower pocket of the MDT SRS (Skeleton Rifle Stock) buttstocks. To install, the buttpad assembly is removed, the weight slides into place and is secured with screws, and then reinstall the buttpad. The SRS-X Elite Buttstock weight has clearance built in for the cheek riser guide rods so the weight will not affect any other functions on the buttstock once it has been installed.

With the weight fitting through the buttpad, the underside clearance slot is free for mounting M-LOK accessories to the buttstock with the weight in place. The SRS-X Elite weight is specific to the MDT SRR Elite buttstock and will not fit any other manufacturer’s buttstock. A word of note from the manufacturer: the weight will replace one of the buttstock jellies that comes with the stock so not all five jellies will be used.

The SRS-X Elite MDT Buttstock Weight is available in black and has a t a price of $79.95.