New Holosun WML: the P.ID

SHOT Show has been interesting this year on the floor, you didn’t know who was going to be here or not. Holosun didn’t disappoint with their booth and products. They came with some new RDS’s and a new line of Weapon Mounted Lights for pistols.

They’re calling it the P.ID or Positive Identification Device.

There are two models, the first is the P.ID, which is a white light only model that puts out 1,000 lumens. The second is the P.ID+ which adds on an optional visible Green laser.

The beam is user programmable to either 500 or 1,000-lumen output. It uses a 18350 Rechargeable battery and a CNC 7075 Aluminum Housing. According to Holosun, it is IP67 Certified Waterproof.

I got to check out the P.ID at the Holosun booth.

Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2022.
Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2022.

It was attached to a Heckler and Koch VP9, which also had on a SCS MOS low profile RDS. First off, the light body on the P.ID is slim, much slimmer than traditional weapon lights that run with two CR123s side by side and is the same length or shorter than those WMLs. That means that it will fit most holsters molded for pistols with weapon lights. The switches are on the sides and are tactile, you can tap it and it will be on constant; if you hold it down it is momentary until you release it. There was also a strobe function, which my friend switched on somehow. I found the buttons to be easily reachable by my index finger.

HK VP9 with Holosun P.ID
The P.ID I was looking at seemed to me to be in the 500-lumen range. The beam had a slight blue tint and good-sized hot spot that would work well for close range.

The mount is a single cross bolt and looks to be simple to use. I wasn’t able to get a solid MSRP yet for it but I think it’ll be reasonable, like all of Holosun’s products.

Holosun P.ID specs
This is another Weapon Mounted Light option for pistols and the more options available, the better.

This is another Weapon Mounted Light option for pistols and the more options available, the better.

Stay tuned for more from Holosun and from SHOT Show 2022!

Holosun display at SHOT Show 2022
Holosun reflex sights on display at SHOT Show 2022.