New: PHLster Floodlight 2 and More

Carrying a handgun on your body requires the correct holster. Without the right holster, your gun might not be properly retained, positioned, or protected. If you’re concealing it, even more factors come into play. Going a step further, if your carry gun has a weapon-mounted light on it, your holster needs are even more specific. The PHLster Floodlight 2 is a holster made for use with certain weapon-mounted lights, and it provides the perfect marriage of function and form. This is a holster that isn’t only effective, it’s comfortable.

The PHLster Floodlight 2 holster boasts a number of improved features. (Photo credit: PHLster)

PHLster states that the Floodlight2 is made using superior materials; the same rugged plastic as pistol frames and rifle stocks. This holster design is one described by the holster maker as “future-proof” meaning Floodlight users can get use out of their holster for years to come. This is largely thanks to the plastic used in its construction which extends its lifespan significantly.

The Floodlight 2 has numerous improved features such as the use of DCC Mod4 1.5 clips for standard belt attachment. The clips are extremely high-quality and included on the Floodlight 2 at a lower price than if they were to be added to the previous model, making the new design an even better option for gun owners.

phlster floodlight 2
The holster is available in four colors including the pictured Charcoal. (Photo credit: PHLster)

Other features include PHLster’s patent-pending ComfortScape technology, a system of external ribs made to feel like a single, smooth, organic shape against the user’s skin. This technology not only improves concealment, but it’s also a fantastic enhancement for all-day wear thanks to the passive moisture and heat management the ribbing provides.

The Floodlight2 is offered for TLR-1 and X300U lights. Four colors are available: Charcoal, Tundra, Sage, and Earth.

phlster lightbearing enigma
The PHLster Lightbearing Enigma provides gun owners with a gun belt…with no need for a gun belt. It’s truly innovative. (Photo credit: PHLster)

Another addition to the PHLster family of holsters is the Lightbearing Enigma, a concealed carry system designed for comfort and incredible versatility. The faceplate is made for compatibility with the Floodlight 2, making the holster and system combo ideal for dedicated gun owners. With the Lightbearing Enigma, you can conceal your handgun with a weapon-mounted light with no need to hunt for a gun belt or fuss over concealment layers. The Enigma system provides the ultimate in concealability, and all-in-one easy-to-use package.

MSRP for the PHLster Floodlight 2 is set at $138 while the Lightbearing Enigma varies by specific features selected.