New Vertx Jeans: Defiance & Burrell

Vertx makes some of the most comfortable, practical apparel in the “firearms apparel” market. Their garments are typically well designed and made with a variety of practical, armed, end uses in mind. They do a great job at making clothing much easier for those of us who carry concealed.

The Vertx booth at SHOT Show 2022.

This year, Vertx is adding to their lineup with the Defiance Jean for men and the Burrell Stretch Jean for women. 

New Vertx Jeans at SHOT Show 2022
From just a quick initial look, the Vertx jeans look like a regular set of jeans, which means they already accomplished their purpose of helping with keeping a low profile.

Vertx jeans at SHOT 2022

These are certainly not the first “tactical jeans” out there, nor are jeans the only low profile pant options available A plethora of tactical jean pant offerings is available, from a variety of manufacturers. Some do the job well, some fall short in accomplishing the goal. Based on what I’ve worn in the past and what I’ve seen with these, I’m optimistic that the Defiance and Burrell designs will fall into the do it well category. 

These Vertx jeans are packed with a lot of hidden features and manufactured with high-quality materials. The design combination of hidden features that don’t gall or chafe with superior fabrics helps to make what appears to be a comfortable set of pants — though obviously more long-term wear and some field use would be required to say that with complete confidence. 

Vertx Defiance Jean

The Defiance Jean has traditional front and back pockets that are mesh, making them less bulky and breathable. Then there are side pockets that are right behind the front pockets to store your accessories, that will fit a Tourniquet, flashlight, 30 round AR-15 magazine, or anything similar in size.

Vertx Defiance Jeans for men

side pocket

Vertx Defiance jeans, mesh pockets

The back pockets have a hidden pocket that you can tuck your ID or passport in to prevent them from falling out and harder for anyone to take. Then there are 3 hidden pockets along the inside of the waistband and one hidden pocket on the outside for whatever small items you’d need to secure.

Vertx Defiance Jeans hidden pockets

They have a gusseted crotch for added durability and articulated knees and the material is Dupont’s cool max, which will help keep things cooler in warmer temperatures.

Burrell Stretch Jean for Women

The Burrell Stretch Jean has all of the same features as the Defiant Jean with the exception of one hidden pocket.

Vertx Burrell Stretch Jeans for women

Vertx Burrell Stretch Jeans back pockets

Burrell stretch

They feel stretchy and light, appear to have solid, unobtrusive stitching and will be available in several color options.

I most definitely will be getting a pair (of the Defiance jeans mind you) to do a full review in the near future when they become available.