Nighthawk Custom Adds The Treasurer to Boardroom Series

Nighthawk Custom has just announced a new addition to their Boardroom Series family, the Treasurer. This will be the fourth installment to the family, joining the Chairman, the President, and the Vice President.

The Treasurer is a 9mm pistol built on an officer frame with a 3.8″ bull barrel and its features include heavy slide cuts and custom grips.

According to the people at Nighthawk Custom, “We collaborated with Railscales to create the custom Ascend grips which provide a sure purchase on the pistol. The front strap and mainspring housing have matching 25 Ipi checkering to aid in maintaining a grip on the pistol during shooting.”

The Treasurer is a 9mm pistol built on an officer frame and features a 3.8” bull barrel. The heavy angle cuts in the slide aid in faster cycling while the windows show off the Gold Titanium Nitride crowned barrel. This pistol has a Heinie Black Ledge rear sight, a 14k gold bead front sight, and a one-piece magwell. And as the company puts it, the durable DLC finish will keep the Treasurer looking new for years of concealed carry and the Railscales custom grips top off the pistol with a cool look and perfect texture.

Nighthawk Custom Treasurer 9mm pistol
Notice the heavy angle cuts in the slide and the windows showing off the Gold Titanium Nitride crowned barrel.

Other Details about the Treasurer

  • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger
  • Crowned barrel flush with bushing
  • Checkered recoil spring plug
  • Completely dehorned for comfortable carry
  • Heavy angle, slide-lightening cuts
  • Ultra hi-cut front strap
  • Magazine capacity of 8
  • Firing pin size, .38 Super
  • Firing pin material – stainless steel
  • Grip thickness – regular
  • Length of 7.01”
  • Height of 5.2”
  • Barrel Length of 3.6”
  • Sight Radius of 5.40”
  • Weight empty, 34.7 oz
  • Frame size – Officer
Nighthawk Custom 9mm handgun, The Treasurer
The Treasurer is priced at $4,599, and there are barrel options upgrades available. A fluted barrel upgrade, 9mm only, for $150, and a flute barrel hood for $75.

A Master Gunsmith at Nighthawk Custom has this to say about their firearms, “Our aesthetics, we take those to the maximum, first thing a person sees is the exterior of the gun. Every single detail of this gun, whether it’s aesthetics or the functionality of the gun, we keep a tight tolerance; a thousand’s, a half a thousand’s.”

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