ODIN Works 11.5″ Complete AR10 Upper

Odin Works, a popular firearms and accessories company based in Boise, Idaho, has a full line-up of parts, accessories, and firearms mainly for the AR platform. The company’s motto is “Forward with Purpose”, and the offerings match that. Previously, Odin Works offered longer options for the AR10 platform, but now has a shorter package to choose from.

With complete upper receivers, it’s all done for you and generally ready to go out of the box. With the Odin Works .308 11.5” upper receiver in the line-up, end users can get a shorter carbine-length upper that is plug-and-play. According to the company, the complete upper is ready to enhance the shooter’s experience.

ODIN Works, an Idaho-based firearms company, has updated its AR10 offerings to include an 11.5″ .308 upper. The upper comes complete with a barrel, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and gas block for straight-from-the-box function. (Photo credit: Odin Works)

The 11.5” barreled .308 complete upper is built on a forged upper and is designed to work with the DPMS Gen 1 pattern lowers. Inside the upper is an Odin Works 11.5” Tactical Match Carbine length .308 barrel matched up with the carbine length gas system inside a 10″ forend. The barrel seems to be threaded, as it ships with a matched thread protector so adding your favorite muzzle device or suppressor should be an easy task. Not only that, but the upper has an Odin adjustable gas block so fine-tuning the system will be a breeze.

Helping with the overall performance of the 11.5” AR10 upper is the multi-caliber high-pressure BCG (bolt carrier group) with a black nitride finish for durability. To round out the upper is the Odin eXtended charging handle, O2 Lite M-LOK forend with accessory rails with plenty of space for add-ons.

The Odin 11.5” AR10 .308 complete upper comes fully assembled and with Odin’s Warranty in place. The package, according to Odin, is a setup that is going to shoot phenomenally and look amazing. The .308 upper from Odin has an MSRP of $999 and is available now.