Radian Weapons Guardian Optic Guard

With the prevalence of red dot sights in the defensive handgun market, gun owners are looking for more ways to protect their optics investment from damage. Until now, there weren’t really options available. Thanks to Radian Weapons, there’s now the Guardian Optic Guard, an aftermarket part designed specifically for the protection of your red dot sight. The Guardian is ruggedly built and made with an eye for detail, and it might be the greatest next addition to your handgunning kit.

The Radian Guardian Optic Guard is designed to protect your red dot sight from damage. (Photo credit: Radian)

Radian states the Guardian Optic Guard is a game-changing pistol product, and it certainly has incredible promise. The first Guardian model to launch is compatible with the popular Glock MOS platform and Trijicon RMR. The guard is machined from 7075 aluminum and 17-4 stainless, the former of which is known for strength and fatigue resistance while the latter is known for fantastic corrosion resistance and hardness. According to the manufacturer, the Guardian is a rock-solid mounting system that offers a level of protection for red dot sights never before offered on the market.

radian guardian optic guard
The initial offering in the Guardian line is compatible with the Glock MOS and the Trijicon RMR. (Photo credit: Radian)

This product utilizes Tru-Seal, which uses o-rings to keep the plate snug and watertight against the mounting surface of the slide. The seal keeps out moisture and prevents corrosion in the threads of the guard. Using Tru-Seal also removes the need to use a separate sealing plate. A singular focal plane is used for the optional Stealth backup sights which deliver a clean, unobstructed sight picture. Radian knew what they were doing when they implemented these features.

parts of the radian guardian optic guard
The mounting system for the Guardian is designed for extreme rigidity and stress resistance. (Photo credit: Radian)

Oversize Torx drive nuts, which deliver double the thread engagement of similarly designed standard plates, are used as part of the Guardian’s Stud-Lock interface. The product is secured by torquing the nuts into place, holding the optic to the rear for a rigid interface that still manages to be lighter than most factory-supplied plates. Because the mounting plate is locked rearward, the slide absorbs the stress of recoil and movement generated by live fire, protecting the screws.

Features of the Radian Guardian Optic Guard include:

  • Machined from 7075 aluminum and 17-4 stainless steel for impressive durability.
  • Utilizes Stud-Lock interface for a reliably firm mounting surface.
  • Optional backup sights designed not to interfere with sight picture of red dot sight.
  • Tru-Seal system helps maintain a watertight seal to the slide.
  • Corrosion resistant.

MSRP for the Radian Guardian Optic Guard is set at $159.95.