Radical Defense M2FVS Suppressor — .50 Can

The Radical Defense M2FVS suppressor offers sound, thermal, and flash mitigation along with a reduction in ground disturbance. It’s a 3D-printed monolithic design incorporating their forward venting mono-core design. The internal Venturi and Breathable Technology ports reduce back pressure and bring cool air through the suppressor.

Radical Defense has added to its FVS line of suppressors with the M2FVS suppressor, currently being tested as part of the Army’s 50 caliber contract.

The biggest thing about this .50 can is that it is designed to directly thread to a mil std M2A1 without modifying the barrel or recoil system. They are currently conducting endurance testing to RFI W15BW9-22-X-JKTH standard which is 50 rounds in cadence and 50 rounds full auto sustained then cool to ambient and repeat.

M2FVS being shot on M2A1
The Radical Defense M2FVS is designed to directly thread on the military standard M2A1 rifle without modifying the barrel or recoil system.

The Army M2A1 contract requirements state that the suppressor should maintain or reduce the current flash levels as well as reducing sound and environmental disturbances. Additionally, the suppressor should be designed to minimize toxic fumes at the gunner’s face while not decreasing the weapon’s cyclic rate when firing specific Ball/Tracer ammunition. The requirements also state that the sound reduction from using the suppressor should be at least 6dB in peak, unweighted sound at the shooter’s ear.

Radical Defense suppressor line
The Radical Defense M2FVS joins the other FVS suppressors, the 240 and the 249 FVS suppressors, from Modern Defense. These suppressors are specifically designed for machine gun hosts.

M2FVS Features

  • Zero modifications to the host weapon system or barrel
  • Direct Thread on suppressor
  • Rapid cooling, Venturi Assisted Breathable technology
  • IR non-reflective coating
  • Integrated flash reduction
M2FVS on M2A1
The M2FVS for the M2A1 has an IR non-reflective coating and rapid cooling, Venturi Assisted Breathing technology from Radical Defense.

According to reports, the M2FVS is doing very well but they aren’t ready to announce how many cycles they’ve completed so far. This video shows the FVS line of suppressors in action which covers from 5.56 to .50.

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