Reptilia RECC-E Stock: Innovative Ergonomics

The stock you choose to use on your AR-platform gun can make all the difference in comfort and accuracy. And if you’re interested in branching out beyond the old standard stocks, there’s a whole wide world of unique designs. Reptilia’s RECC-E Carbine Stock is a great example of what innovation and knowledge of the platform can do for gun owners. The stock has a well-thought-out ergonomic shape and functional design, plus it looks cool. 

Reptilia’s RECC-E Carbine Stock is designed with a unique ergonomic shape for fantastic overall performance. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

According to the manufacturer, more than two years of development and testing went into the creation of the RECCE-E Stock. It’s made for AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles and designed for superior performance whichever platform you mount it on. Reptilia states this stock was designed at the request of a military end user, meaning it’s made for duty and purpose-driven. Its shape and overall design allow for a constant cheek weld and it features ambidextrous QD sling attachment points, a rubber buttpad, and a modular design that is compatible with all standard AR15 carbine buffer systems.

reptilia stock
The stock is well-balanced and designed for duty use but it’s also fantastic for precision or hunting. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

The RECC-E Stock also works with A5/SR25 carbine buffer systems if the user replaces the receiver extension (buffer tube) and forward portion of the stock. The overall weight of the stock is 12.0 ounces, which includes the proprietary AR15-length receiver extension. This stock is an ideal lightweight solution for the entire range of AR-platform guns from compact to precision and everything in between.

reptilia stock on an AR
The stock is ergonomically designed to offer a constant cheek weld. (Photo credit: Reptilia)

Features of the stock include:

  • Proprietary receiver extension made of 7075-T6 Aluminum with a Type III Milspec Anodized Finish for resistance to wear and tear.
  • The AR-15 platform model weighs 12 ounces and the AR-10 platform model weighs 12.7 ounces; Both versions are super lightweight and won’t add unnecessary bulk to the overall size of the gun.
  • The length of pull is adjustable between 10.8 inches and 14.2 inches.
  • Available in black or flat dark earth
  • Other materials used in production include Impact Modified Glass-Filled Nylon Polymer, 7075 Type III anodized aluminum, and nitrided alloy steel hardware. This stock is ruggedly built for serious use.
  • Ships with all necessary mounting hardware to simplify adding it to your rifle.
  • QD sling attachment points are located on either side of the stock, making it possible to place your sling where needed depending on whether you’re right or left-handed.
  • Rubber buttpad improves comfort and helps mitigate felt recoil.

Your choice of stock matters and the awesome thing about that is you can change it. You aren’t stuck with the factory stock, and if you’re a builder, you have a vast array of options to choose from. Check out the Reptilia RECC-E Carbine Stock for your AR. It’s a good way to balance your rifle and create a more portable platform.

What do you prefer, the black or the flat dark earth stock? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

MSRP for the Reptilia RECC-E Carbine Stock is set at $159.95.