ROSE by Sig Sauer: A Gun and a Gun Community

The latest gun to join the Sig Sauer P365 lineup is the ROSE, and it isn’t just a gun, it’s an entire experience.

Sig teamed up with competitive shooter Lena Miculek to create a video training program that buyers of the Sig ROSE have access to, and it’s also linked an online community. For the first time, the gun world is offering newcomers a direct tie to a reliable source to learn firearm skills along with their purchase of a new gun. The ROSE brand is geared toward women and promises to cover safety and firearms education, all while giving participants immediate access to one another for an open exchange of ideas and experiences.

The latest P365 from Sig Sauer is the Rose. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

There are two pistols in the ROSE family: the P365-XL Comp ROSE and the P365-380 ROSE. Each gun offers certain benefits, with differing size and calibers. With the purchase of the ROSE pistol, gun owners also receive instant access to the training videos and community, dummy rounds for training purposes, and a Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe. Whether you’re interested in a 9mm or a 380 ACP, you’re covered, and although the guns are black, they have rose-colored components for highlights of color.

sig sauer rose
ROSE pistols have rose-colored components for a splash of color. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

According to Sig Sauer, the ROSE brand is based on Lena’s experience as a competitive shooter as well as her time spent teaching women at various skill levels. ROSE is meant to be a user-friendly, complete system, that provides a simple way to learn. The program takes participants on a step-by-step journey starting with the first time holding a pistol to the first time at the range. As for the community of women,  it’s meant to give shooters an enjoyable way to come together to help one another. It’s a great place to share stories and ask questions. Sig created ROSE to get shooters going with everything needed to get started and to make their first time at the range comfortable.

sig sauer rose p365xl
The integral compensator in the Sig Sauer P365-XL Comp is designed to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

Features of the Sig Sauer P365-XL Comp ROSE include:

  • Chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum.
  • ROSE stylized integrally compensated to help mitigate felt recoil and reduce muzzle rise during live fire.
  • Optic ready slide, so it’s easy to add a red dot sight if the owner chooses to do so.
  • ROSE laser engraved grip module.
  • ROSE kit includes:
    • Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe for safe storage purposes.
    • Dummy rounds for training.
    • QuickStart Guide.
  • Matte ROSE Gold Colored Controls.
  • XRAY3 Day / Night Sights so the gun is ready to go right out of the box.
  • (2) 12-rd Steel Magazines.
  • Compatible with all P365-XL holsters.
sig sauer rose p365 380
The 380 ACP ROSE shares features with the 9mm model, just in a slightly smaller size. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

Features of the Sig Sauer P365-380 ROSE include:

  • Chambered in 380 ACP.
  • ROSE stylized optic ready slide for easy addition of red dot sights.
  • ROSE laser engraved grip module.
  • ROSE kit includes:
    • Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe.
    • Dummy rounds for training use.
    • QuickStart Guide.
  • Matte ROSE Gold Colored Controls.
  • XRAY3 Day / Night Sights for easier target acquisition and to draw the shooter’s eye.
  • (2) 10-rd Steel Magazines.

MSRP for the Sig Sauer ROSE brand pistols and program are not known at this time.