Safety Harbor Firearms APC-9 KES Stock

Safety Harbor Firearms has expanded its Kompact Entry Stock, or KES, line to include stock options for the Brugger & Thomet (B&T) APC-9 firearm. The KES line of stocks and stabilizing braces are made for some of the most popular pistol caliber carbines (PCC) options on the market, including the previously launched CZ Scorpion, Grand Power Stribog, MP5 and MP5-K, and Sig Sauer MPX firearms.

The KES line-up of stocks and braces has added an option for the increasingly popular B&T APC-9 pistol. (Photo credit: Safety Harbor Firearms)

With the increased popularity of the B&T, specifically with the APC-9, Safety Harbor Firearms through the addition of the stock was a natural fit. Employing use from a dual-rail design, the KES allows the stock to collapse around the firearm. With traditional side-folding options, firearms are thicker when folded. The KES design adds a little extra length to the firearm but is the same thickness whether extended or retracted.

The ability to keep the firearm the same thickness when the stock is folded is an important feature when it comes to PCC as many users use unconventional storage methods, like backpacks, for their firearms. The APC-9 KES stock is estimated to ship in the summer of 2023. MSRP is $279, which is similar to the MP5 KES models.

B&T APC-9 with KES stock
The KES stock allows the firearm to maintain the original thickness with folded, employing a dual-rail design. This is extremely important for PCC owners that want to show the firearm in a backpack or smaller container. (Photo credit: Safety Harbor Firearms)

In addition to the KES stock, Safety Harbor has developed a stock adapter for the APC-9. KES displayed two different versions of the adapter at SHOT Show 2023 that include a Picatinny rail version and an AR-15 carbine tube mount, both of which feature a QD sling mount.

Also as an update from KES, the SHTF 50 uppers will be coming soon after also showing the uppers at SHOT Show. The uppers, which have been unavailable for quite a while, are now serialized firearms thanks to some recent ATF changes. They will require a transfer through an FFL for ownership. According to Safety Harbor Firearms’ website, the upper will be available with three barrel lengths to choose from and will have a price tag of $185.