SHOT 2023: Bond Arms Rawhide Derringers

Derringers have numerous applications including use as snake guns, backup pistols, and target guns. Their diminutive size makes them highly concealable, which is excellent for non-permissive environments, and their design makes them simple to operate. Bond Arms is one of the top derringer manufacturers in the country, and now they’ve expanded their line of high-quality pistols to include the Rawhide series. Rawhide derringers are made for functionality and ruggedness over all; these pistols are made to withstand hard use and keep going.

The Bond Arms Rawhide line of derringers is designed for durability and functionality, all in a high-quality pistol. (Photo credit: Bond Arms)

Bond Arms states the Rawhide line was specifically made for hard use. The derringers are durable and made to last, and all backed by Bond Arms known reputation for dedication to excellence. Rawhide derringers are available chambered in 357 Mag, 38 Special, and .22 LR, meaning you have your pick of big or small calibers. Because this line offers everything from rimfire to magnum cartridges, the derringers are versatile enough to fit a variety of applications. These guns have a 4.5-inch overall length and Bond Arms lists their possible uses as including everyday carry, use as a truck gun, and or use as a camp or ranch gun.

bond arms rawhide
The pictured derringer is chambered in 357 Magnum/38 Special and features a cowboy-style frame, meaning it doesn’t have a trigger guard. (Photo credit: Bond Arms)

The Rawhide guns are made with a cowboy-style frame, so there is no trigger guard, and feature Bond Arm’s Rough & Tumble stainless-steel finished frame.  Guns are available with either rosewood or nylon grips depending on the gun owner’s preference, each of which offers sturdiness, durability, and a comfortable feel in the hands. Checkering on both grip options facilitates a firm hold during live fire. As is the derringer design, the Rawhide guns have two barrels that fire one at a time. These guns have a two-shot capacity.

Bond Arms takes care to ensure these are well-made guns. Every part of the Rawhide line is carefully machined to the highest tolerances according to a strict standard for quality. These are single-action guns with fixed sights that perform their best at close range.

roughneck with rosewood grips
The gun is offered with the pictured rosewood grips. (Photo credit: Bond Arms)

Features of the Bond Arms Rawhide derringers include:

  • 22 LR, 38 Special, and 357 Magnum chamberings
  • 2 shot capacity
  • Cowboy style, so there is no trigger guard
  • Durable stainless steel frame and barrel
  • Rough and Tumble finish to reduce glare and resist wear
  • Rosewood or black nylon checkered grips
  • Made in Texas
  • 4.5-inch overall length, making them easy to conceal
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels

MSRP for the Bond Arms Roughneck starts at $269.00.