SHOT 2023: New Ammo From Fiocchi

Having the correct ammunition for defensive use isn’t just important, it’s a must. If you’re a fan of the 4.6x30mm, we have great news: Fiocchi is adding a self-defense round to their ammunition lineup. They are also adding 28-gauge Waterfowl Bismuth.

Fiocchi Hyperformance

The newest addition to the 4.6x30mm family is the Hyperformance, a hollow point created specifically for defensive purposes. Whether you’re in the market for a new gun or looking for more ammo for your existing 4.6x30mm, Fiocchi Hyperformance 4.6x30mm 38-grain THP (tipped hollow point) is well worth a closer look.

Hyperformance 4.6x30mm 38 grain HP is designed specifically for self-defense use. (Photo credit: Fiocchi)


Fiocchi has a global reputation for their production of ammunition and manufactures everything from defensive to target to hunting ammunition. In order to expand their existing line of 4.6x30mm ammunition, the ammo maker is adding a Hyperformance load that’s meant for self-defense purposes. The Hyperformance line of centerfire ammunition is proven as a top performer in numerous other calibers, making the 4.6x30mm an addition worth running in your defensive gun.


Fiocchi ammo with a defensive carbine
Fiocchi’s entire line of 4.6x30mm is optimized for the best possible performance in a variety of applications. (Photo credit: GunMag Warehouse)


This new 4.6x30mm Hyperformance tipped hollow point joins Fiocchi’s other 4.6x30mm offerings including FMJ Range Dynamics and jacketed soft point Defense Dynamics. The new Fiocchi Hyperformance load has a tipped hollow point for reliable expansion and is designed for consistent weight retention and superior ballistics. According to Fiocchi this is a high-velocity, low-recoil round capable of producing impressive terminal performance. This round was specifically created for personal defense carbines and has a 38-grain bullet.

With Fiocchi’s full line of 4.6x30mm ammunition you can do it all from honing skills using their full metal jacket training loads to choosing from their defensive options. And now there are even two defensive options, making the line even more comprehensive. The new Hyperformance defensive load is a solid choice and offers good ballistics. According to Fiocchi, it produces a muzzle velocity of 1950 feet per second. It promises to deliver on the fronts so vital to defensive use: reliable performance, cycling, accuracy, and even soft recoil. Less recoil means mitigated felt recoil and muzzle rise which directly translates to improved accuracy on target.

Golden Waterfowl Bismuth 28-Gauge

fiocchi golden waterfowl bismuth
Fiocchi’s Golden Waterfowl Bismuth line is now available in 28 gauge. (Photo credit: Fiocchi)

Also new from Fiocchi is an expansion of their popular Golden Waterfowl Bismuth line of shotshells. The trusted waterfowl load is now offered in 28 gauge, which is great news for sub-gauge fans. Fiocchi Golden Waterfowl Bismuth 28 gauge is loaded in 3-inch shotshells with #4 shot and produces a reported velocity of 1350 feet per second. This is a lighter shooting yet effective load.

MSRP for the Fiocchi Hyperformance 4.6x30mm 38 grain THP is not known at this time. Fiocchi states it is available in single boxes of 50 rounds apiece or cases containing ten boxes. MSRP for Fiocchi Golden Waterfowl Bismuth in 28 gauge is also not known at this time.