SHOT 2023: Nightstick Weapon Mounted Lights

Well-made, properly designed weapon-mounted lights are a must for handgunners, and one company leading the pack in their production is Nightstick. Now there are even more options available from Nightstick thanks to the launch of several new models including the TCM-365, TCM-5B, and TWM-30GL. The newest lights run the gamut for use from micros to full-size pistols and even include a new design for law enforcement.

Nightstick launched several new weapon-mounted lights at SHOT 2023. (Photo credit: Nightstick)

Nightstick manufactures weapon-mounted lights designed for tactical applications. They understand the need for a focused beam and residual halo which are vital for target identification. Nightstick’s lights don’t rely on lumens alone but on candela, beam distance, and run time. These are purpose-driven weapon lights designed for real-world performance.

Nightstick TCM-5B and TCM-365

nightstick tcm-5b
The TCM-5B is designed to fit compact short-railed pistols. (Photo credit: Nightstick)

The Nightstick TCM-5B and TCM-365 have similar specifications but are designed with different mounting systems. The TCM-5B is made to fit a variety of compact pistols such as the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Subcompact and Glock 43X. As for the TCM-365, it is, as the name suggests, made for the Sig Sauer P365. The two models have a variety of features, including:

  • Two-hour run time.
  • 650 peak lumens.
  • 4612 max candela.
  • Beam distance of 136 meters.
  • Runs on one CR123 battery.
  • Mounts to the accessory rail in front of the trigger guard.
  • Includes safe and strobe modes.

Nightstick TWM-30-GL

nightstick twm-30gl
The TWM-30-GL is designed for law enforcement use. (Photo credit: Nightstick)

The TWM-30-GL was designed at the request of law enforcement. It’s meant for full-sized handguns and has both a light and a green laser. Green is easier to see during daylight hours and also more readily draws the eye than red, according to many studies. This light/laser combo is made to fit standard-duty holsters. The TWM-30-GL has the following features:

  • Designed for full-sized handguns with forward accessory rails.
  • Beam distance of 200 meters.
  • 1100 peak lumens.
  • 10,000 max candela.
  • 1.75 hours run time.
  • Powered by two CR123 batteries.

MSRP for these new weapon-mounted lights is not known at this time.