SHOT 2023: Viridian C-Series Lights and Lasers

Respected manufacturer Viridian is relaunching their line of C-Series lights and lasers, all with brand new features and the existing reliability we’ve come to expect from them. The new C-Series line includes four models, all offering a bevy of useful features.

The Viridian C-Series of lights and lasers has been enhanced for even greater performance. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Viridian Weapon Technologies is reintroducing its top-selling line of high-quality green lasers and lights, the C Series. These lights are made to further enhance the experience of the everyday carry enthusiast. With these new products, gun owners can literally take charge with the company’s new patent-pending SafeCharge technology. And, of course, the C Series boasts many excellent capabilities.

viridian c5l
The C5L is a light and laser combo designed to fit sleekly to your pistol. (Photo credit: Viridian)

New C Series offerings include the C5, C5L, CTL, and CTL+, all of which are compatible with the aforementioned SafeCharge technology. This lineup includes two of the best-selling light-only products in Viridian’s history, making them a nice compliment to the company’s lasers. All C Series lights and lasers deliver superior performance and an effective recharge process to ensure users have their lights and lasers ready to go when they need them.

What is the SafeCharge system?

It’s a method that allows the C Series to be charged anywhere, ensuring the greatest possible battery life. Viridian states the connection is easy and that SafeCharge automatically wakes up, charges the product, and turns off. Thanks to the automatic nature of this technology there’s no need for the user to manually start or stop the charger. Viridian says every full charge of the SafeCharge can, in turn, charge the C Series lights and lasers up to five times.

viridian ctl
The CTL is a small weapon mounted light that produces 525 lumens. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen, said, “We’ve taken the iconic C Series and created an entire new line of rechargeable laser systems to perform when you need them most. When the gun is drawn from a holster, the light/laser is on. After introducing the revolutionary green laser sights almost 20 years ago, we know human eyes see green better. We’re thrilled to offer our internal SafeCharge system to ensure our customers are ready to take charge in any given situation.”

Other features of the C Series lights and lasers include the inclusion of the company’s unmatched INSTANT-ON technology, a brand-new Holster Retention Feature, and adjustable universal rail mounts.

light and laser combo from viridian
Viridian’s lights and lasers are designed to help gun owners in low-light and no-light situations. (Photo credit: Viridian)

C Series lights and lasers include:

  • C5: A compact green laser designed to be sleek and light, this product weighs under two ounces.
  • C5L: A sleek light and laser combo with a 100-yard range in daylight and a two-mile range at night.
  • CTL: According to the manufacturer this is the smallest weapon-mounted light on the market.
  • CTL+: Produces 1100 lumens and is the most powerful light Viridian says they’ve made, to date.

MSRP of the Viridian C Series lights and lasers depends on the specific model.